New! Fithouse x Sunday Forever Candle (Palo Santo and Eucalyptus)

New! Fithouse x Sunday Forever Candle (Palo Santo and Eucalyptus)


Fithouse and Sunday Forever collaborated to create a limited edition candle scent, Palo Santo + Eucalyptus, made in the USA using soy and coconut wax. The clean fresh scent and warm inviting vibes will get you as pumped as stepping foot into the “All Class Club.” Available for purchase for $48 on and at all Fithouse locations as of December 1st, 2018. Lightly scented, ultra-sophisticated and loaded with ambiance. Offers about 60 hours of burn time.

We use a blend of Coconut and Soy wax - this makes for a clean, slow and smooth burn. We also use 100% cotton wicks and our fragrances are phthalate free. Our candles are poured by a company out of Massachusetts. We chose this particular manufacturer, not only because of the high quality hand-poured and hand-labeled production methods, but also because the company is mission based - they support female refugees and artisans by offering them a fair living wage.

CARE: please trim wick before burning. This allows for a clean burn and look for the life of your candle.

Bonus: All our candles are 100% cruelty-free (bc we have a deep love & care for animals).

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