Tanlines Scented Reed Diffuser

  • $42.00

Our Tanlines Scented Reed DIffuser is a great alternative to burning candles while keeping your favorite scent going all day long.

Our Tanlines Scented Reed Diffuser smells like Summer and Suntans. Think, your favorite sunblock and the best beach day ever. Tanlines features notes of sandalwood, warm sand, musk, and coconut. 

4.5 OZ, 4 inches tall. Made with the cleanest ingredients.

Comes with 10 reed diffusers. Last for 2-3 months. 

HOT TIP: Turn the reed diffuser upside down after about a month to keep the scent going strong. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Traci Sussholz (Los Gatos, US)
Love love love

My favorite scent, I have in every room!

Katie Schemehorn (Indianapolis, US)
Smells absolutely amazing!

I love this scent! It’s summer captured in a bottle!

Lindsay (Topeka, US)
So aesthetically pleasing

Tanlines is one of my fav candle scents, and I ordered this as decor for my ladder shelf. It’s so pretty, and has they perfect warm summer scent!

Amy Wagner (The Colony, US)

This smells so amazing! It fills the space with scent in the best way. When I asked my husband about it, his response "I LOVE that!"

Carrie Grant (Jermyn, US)
Thank you!

I love making my house smell good but am hesitant on candles. Thank you so much for this amazing offer. I use my grandpa ‘as old milk pints from his dairy as the diffuser. Love the scent!

Ashley Wilhelm (Chesapeake, US)
you need this

if you don't have this then what are you even doing? it makes my room smell like a bottle of sun tan lotion in the best way possible