Try Me Size! Coconuts Eau de Parfum

  • $24.00

If you're curious about our signature Coconuts perfume and want to try before you invest, this is for you. The screw top atomizer allows you to refill the bottle if, and hopefully WHEN you fall in love and decide to go for the larger size.

Why Coconuts Perfume?

We are coconut obsessed and the perfect coconut perfume didn't exist, so we set out to create it.

Our friend and master perfumer Jean Claude Delville worked with us for over a year to create COCONUTS. The final product, now a best-selling favorite is addictive, soft, bright, warm, and is made with the highest quality and pure oil content possible.

Notes include: pure toasted coconut, a touch of fig, yellow orchid, vanilla flower, Sandalwood, Orris Root, ylang ylang, tiare flowers, soft Musk and a tiny hint of citrus zest for sparkle all make for coconut fragranced magic.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Cherie Cave (North Stratford, US)
Amazing smell!

I've always been so disappointed when I've ordered perfumes that claim it smells like Coconut to only receive it and it does not. This one does not disappoint! It smells like coconut and then some. Very soft and inviting smell. I got the trial size and will be definitely be ordering the full size. Also, I received me order in only a few days after ordering with a few extra surprise gifts in it as well!

Hi Cherie! Eileen here. So happy that you're loving the scent of our Coconuts perfume and surprise gifts xx

Patricia Lee (Coraopolis, US)
Love the scent!

Love the coconut smell! Not an overpowering scent. The scent is soft & warm

Thank you Patricia! Eileen here. SO glad to hear you're loving Coconuts xx

Tyra Turner (Atlanta, US)

Wanted to love this. Not for me. Nothing g about this scent was warm, sweet, inviting. I cant really explain what it smells like but not what I was expecting. Huge fan of coconut. Disappointed.

Thanks for the review, Tyra! We appreciate your honest feedback. Every nose is different. We are so sorry you didn't enjoy it.

Lindsay W. (Topeka, US)
Subtle, yet long lasting

I love this scent. I prefer perfumes that last all day, but aren’t overpowering. This one has such lovely toasty vanilla undertones. It’s warm and makes me feel luxurious. I will definitely be snagging the full size!

Thank you Lindsay! Eileen here. Happy to hear that you're loving Coconuts xx

Kimberlin (Reading, US)
Just like Perfect Coconut MIlk

This almondy nutty pure coconut smells so much like Perfect Coconut Milk oil by Sarah Horowitz -- and that is a very good thing!. There is some tonka too. I am not picking up floral or citrus notes but do get vanilla. The tiare is not overdone and is very nicely blended in. This sits close to the skin but has excellent longevity. The sample was not inexpensive, but I am crazy for coconut scents/notes. A mini-sample was included as well as the most gorgeous carnelian stone. This scent is so great in cold weather. I will be shocked if no one notices it. Maybe I should have sprung for the big bottle during the holiday sale. Please submit this to the Fragrantica database where it will get a lot more attention. Well done!

Lynn Locklear (Indianapolis, US)
Lasting fragrance

I just received my try me size. Before trying it I already lived this company. They send little gifts along. I like that. Back to the fragrance, it’s not overpowering and it lasts all day. Yumm coconuts!

marc kanoa (Deerfield Beach, US)
awesome !

Loved the sample size so much just bough the whole bottle

Vicki Anderson (Saint Paul, US)
Subtle and Tropical

I was intrigued and I love everything coconut so tried the Try Me size. It is everything I hoped for - a soft, not-too-sweet scent that reminds me of being on vacation. I've had it on for over 6 hours today and I am still enjoying the subtle scent. I have tried so many scents hoping for the perfect one for me - but they are always "too much": too strong, too sweet, too floral, too musky. This is something I can wear knowing it won't overpower those around me yet allows me to experience a tropical feeling any time. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Emily W (Glasgow, GB)
So nice to wear

I have one by my bedside and one by my keyboard. Love the formula, goes on like silk.