Le' COCO Coconut Incense

  • $24.00
Single, Bundle, Set

Our Le' COCO incense smells just like freshly toasted coconut.

Choose from:

Our classic Le' COCO Incense: comes with 10 sticks of incense

Le' COCO Incense & Lighter Set: includes 10 sticks of coconut incense and our white "Light it Up” lighter

Coconut Incense Bundle: includes 10 sticks of coconut incense, our white "Light it Up" lighter, and abalone shell

Warning: Highly addictive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ceira OBoyle (Fremont, US)
Sweetly packed. Lovely.

When I want to I can treat myself to a nice something plus for others you are a treat to gift.

Bri (Marysville, US)
My favorite smell!

Le' Coco Coconut Incense smells amazing!! I know people think the smell of fresh baked cookies or bread in their house is the best but this incense tops those smells!! I have repurchased this incense atleast three times.
If you havent tried it, your missing out!!!

Melissa Jenkins (Parkville, US)

Simply. The. Best.

Anna (Denver, US)
Le’ Coco Coconut Bundle

Amazing bundle. Perfectly scented incense. BUT the abalone shell was defective. The incense won’t stay upright no matter what we tried and just falls outside the shell. Was a gift for my mother AND only received a PARTIAL refund for something she can’t use and has to spend more money to make functional. For 2022, that’s a disappointing compromise!

Hi there Anna!
Ashli here, I'm so sad to see your one start review, when we emailed I thought you were pleased with the resolution. In any case, we strive to make things right with our customers so just wanted to send a quick note.

Patricia Lee (Coraopolis, US)

Amazing Products

Hi Patricia! Eileen here. Thanks so much for the review! Happy to hear you're loving our incense and other nice things xx

Anonymous in Cali (Los Angeles, US)

Perfect for my little patio area outside my home. Very smooth yet powerful.

Nikki (West Orange, US)
Coconut dreams

This is the first time i have come across coconut incense, the smell is so yumm!

Irene Leonard (Denver, US)
True coconut!

Ever burn incense and suddenly your house smells like a priest held a Catholic mass in your home? Not this stuff! It smells like true coconut. You'll swear you're on a tropical island drinking a pina colada. I love coconut and this is the best if you want a true sent. 🌴🥥

Brittany Radonich (Boston, US)
Best Gifts

I always turn to SF first for gifts - beautiful packaging and truly gorgeous items. This smells AMAZING AMAZING and the shell is so pretty. I keep these lighters all over my house. Love.