Eau De Babe Coconut and Oud Parfum

  • $72.00

After the sweet success of our Limited Edition Coconut Oud Perfume in collaboration with our dear friend Matt of @dirtyboysgetclean, we decided to make it official. Meet our second scent, Eau De Babe with Coconut and Oud. 

The scent is a concentrated, magical mash-up of our classic Coconuts Perfume with an very Oud-y twist. This combination creates an intoxicating, addictive, and shall we say SEXY vibe with notes of leather, spice, a hint of vanilla, toasted coconut and lots of wood. A little goes a long way and you'll want to use every last drop. 

Eau De Babe arrives perfectly packaged in a 1 oz glass cube vessel with a heavy bottom and striking black pump.

But wait, isn't Oud known as the $5000 a pound scent that's derived from Agar trees which are a threatened species? Yes and yes. But, don't worry, our Oud blend is a strikingly accurate synthetic interpretation. 

To learn more about our Coconut Perfume, you can visit our FAQ page here

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessica Zielinski (Toms River, US)
Paradise via parfum…oooo lala !

Fairyly intoxicating, like a sensual coconut wrapped in luxury. You will not be disappointed is coconut sexiness is what she seek. Love how whatever I spray it on or near is immediately imbued and tends to linger on and in an on….it's devilishly delicious, but that’s just my humble opinion

Hi Jessica! Eileen here. Ooo la la is right! Our Coconuts perfume long lasting and makes our noses oh so happy. Glad you agree xx

Wendy C (Sterling Heights, US)
Eau de Babe

Love this scent- Very warm and coconut-y, but not overwhelmingly sweet.

Hi Wendy! Eileen here. Thanks for the review! Eau de Babe is the best - so happy you're loving it xx

Irene Leonard (Denver, US)

You can't go wrong with adding to Coconuts which on it's own is a scent to die for. Add a little something extra an it's a bonus. I'm still using the last few drops Magical Coconut Woods that was launched in 2019. I highly recommend Eau de Babe!

Hi Irene! Eileen here. I'm so glad you're loving Eau de Babe xx

Ashley Cross (Mesa, US)

I LIVE in the Coconuts fragrance. This is equally delicious, but with a little extra sexy I think. Perfect for date night!

Hi Ashley! Eileen here. So happy you're coco for Coconuts. She's the best and I'm glad you agree xx

yanella (Holland, US)
Cozy and Intriguing

Pleasant scent with a subtle linger. I like it and enjoy wearing it every day. It didn’t come with a box but it was very well wrapped. Per usual, the extra little nice things are always so thoughtful.

Yanella, happy to hear you are enjoying Eau de Babe. Thanks for the review! xx

Jamie Shemesh
Delicious Scent! !

I love the scent of this perfume! Fresh and sexy! And the bottle with the floating crystals is stunning! The packaging was so beautiful! Thank you for the perfume sample and crystal. Just an amazing gift!

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Deanna Isenhour (Claremont, US)
Eau de Babe

Sassy with a Nice dip in the sexxxy pond. The smell of nature's wild side and coconut combined together. The scent is a little naughty but a lot nice. It's not overpowering. If I could I'd give it a 10!

Kelly Daniels (Atlanta, US)

I am in love with this new fragrance. I have purchased a second bottle I love it so much. It’s such a unique fragrance and not something I would usually gravitate towards. I can’t get enough of it. The scent us absolutely amazing. I have worn it everyday since I got it.