Angel Aura Crystal Points

Angel Aura Crystal Points


These drop dead gorgeous crystal points are so magical that we’ve held onto them for a while because it’s hard to let them go, but we know we need to share this beauty with you…

Angel Aura Quartz gets its gorgeous color by naturally infusing atoms of platinum and silver to a piece of quartz crystal. This creates the pastel iridescent rainbow that enhances the natural beauty of the stone - this way, you get the power of Quartz mixed with platinum and silver. Angel Aura is said to have highly intense energy that cleanses and stimulates all chakras. It’s also a crystal of happiness and romance, and it’s perfectly for staring at.

Because these beauties are born from nature, each crystal varies in size, shape and color tone, but range from 1.5“ - 2” in size. Plus, they have all been hand-selected by us so they’re all stunningly beautiful. They come lovingly packaged in a cotton drawstring pouch with a little note about each one.

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