Tiny Try Me Eau de Parfum Duo

  • $24.00

Try before you buy with our Tiny Try Me Perfume Duo featuring both our signature COCONUTS Eau de Parfum and our newest scent, Eau de Babe with coconut and oud. Our fragrances are super concentrated so a dab will do, just twist off the cap and dab with your finger on your pulse points, neck and anywhere you'd like to smell like a dream. 

Click here to learn more about our best-selling signature COCONUTS Eau de Parfum

Click here to learn more about our newest scent, Eau de BABE.

The Tiny Try Me Perfume Duo set includes Coconuts Eau de Parfum and Eau de BAbe in 0.25 oz/ 7.4 mL sizes. Vegan, Non-Toxic and Cruelty Free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Edith Webb (Loma Linda, US)
The beach in 2 bottles!

I had already received a free gift of Eau de Babe but now I know the hype around Coconuts! It’s like having the beach in 2 tiny bottles!! They both have a distinctive smell all thier own but they both remind me of my favorite place!! Will be ordering the big bottles of both!!

Nicole McKeon (Melbourne, US)
Special, exceptional, gorgeous

I am so grateful for Sunday Forever and love to support and empower women. Their creations are authentic and luxurious, and the delivery/presentation brought me comfort as I am going through difficult times with my health right now. Thank you Team Sunday!

Amanda H (Lubbock, US)
So good!

I absolutely loved this set! Such a nice size to be able to really try these scents before purchasing the larger sizes.

Cyndy (Philadelphia, US)
cute, smells good

I love the smell its very nice, but the smell doesn't stay very long on me. I was a little disappointed about that however it still smells great 😊

Renee Tibbetts (Lincoln, US)
Love the smell.

Smells like coconut and a perfume. Love it!!!

Catherine Greer (Santa Maria, US)
Sultry coconut

I love coconut as a fragrance not just in summer but with the right notes it can take you into the cool autumn season Eude de Babe does just that. I like the lighter coconut fragrance but I love Eude for all the dark, warm ( a little naughty) creamy goodness that it is ,the originals sultry big sister.❤️🥥🔥
P.s would love an otomizer on the little gem as well.

Chrissy James (Miami, US)

I really wanted to like this but I could not. It made me extremely nauseous.

I felt the same way about my ex boyfriend, totally get it! Sorry it didn't work out for you


AL (Clinton Township, US)
Perfect coconut scent

I've tried both of the coconut scents through the samples and they are my go to, favorite perfumes now. The original coconut scent is the perfect coconut perfume if you have been on the hunt for one like myself. The new babe perfume is a mixture of that perfect coconut scent but warm and sexy. If you haven't tried these yet I highly recommend it!

Andrea Dimmer (Buffalo, US)
Super fast shipping

I’ll be purchasing a full size when I run out of the sample