Plot Twist Fluffy Feet Slippers

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Miss Maroon
Bunny Butt Grey
Bunny Butt Gray
NEW COLOR! Puft Mallow
NEW COLOR! Puff Mallow
Blush Bunny
MMMint Green
TeddyBear Brown
Powder Puff Pink

The slippers we’ve fallen deeply in love with but with a (criss cross) twist!
We found these slippers through a Korean supplier, got a sample pair for myself and fell deeply in love with them. Then I got a pair for the whole team, they also fell deeply in love. So, after much negotiating we’re able to offer them to you and make a small profit. WIN, WIN!

Why we love them?

  1. They’re so freaking cute!

  2. They’re so freaking soft and comfy!

  3. They have a nice, thick rubber sole so you can actually wear them to the mailbox (or to work and the store)

Sizing note:

S - works for a size 5-7ish

M - works for a size 7-8ish

L - works for size 8-9ish

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
L Lee (Westport, US)
Fuzzy slippers

Well made comfy and so fuzzy.

Ashley Wilhelm (Chesapeake, US)
I stocked up

I'm not even lying when I say I have at least 4 pairs of these and have gifted at least 2 or 3 pairs, they are like clouds on your feet and are so durable around the house