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14 Products That Will Make You Smell Like Summer

Featuring our Coconuts Eau De Parfum. 

"The perfect fragrance for coconut purists. this perfume is coconut at it's finest, with no notes of citrus or musk to take away from the summer scent that we all know and love." 

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14 Christmas Pajamas You Can Wear All Year Round

Featuring The Enid.


25 Gifts For The Eccentric On Your List



FEMAIL Rounds Up Presents To Suit Every Personality on Your List

Featuring The Witch Kit. 

"This witch kit by Sunday Forever includes everything she needs to transform her living space and clear the air of negative energy (including that of the ex-boyfriends you never liked!). The box set comes with sage, clear quartz, a lighter and an incense shell."

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20 Scents We Want To Give and Receive This Holiday Season

Featuring our 11:11 candle.


25 Best Christmas Scented Candles To Usher In The Holiday Season

Featuring Rich. "This Christmas candle is the equivalent of being wrapped up in a cashmere blanket by the fire."


9 Calming Pillow Mists and Room Sprays That'll Help You Chill Out

Featuring our Air Detox Mist. "Robe-and-candle brand Sunday Forever has the art of chill on lock."


5  Of The Best Home Fragrances For The New Year

Featuring our 11:11 candle. "There's something incredibly relaxing about this candle, and I can help but want to wear a silk kimono and read a Jane Austen novel; fortunately, at 11 ounces, this candle has up to 50 hours of burning time, meaning you can enjoy relaxing for a long time."


41 Fashion People Tell Us What They're Giving (and Want to Get) This Holiday Season

Featuring The Gertie.


How You Glow Interview - Sunday Forever // Ashli Stockton

"Doesn’t get more glowy than kimonos, candles, and incense. Ashli Stockton created Sunday Forever to bottle up all that is good and nice in life. Get a look into her brand and see just how she GLOWS."


Perfect Gifts For The Scorpio In Your Life


Featuring The Margo Shorty. "Let the dreamy constellation print act as a nod to your intuitive side, while the the soft, touchable fabric provides luxury fit for tor the queen you are."


Editors Picks: Spring/Summer Wicks

Featuring Morning."You're in the Hamptons, staying at a house close to, but not immediately on the beach, which is fine, because the beach is kind of gross, and Sunday Forever Morning is burning nearby. The scent conjures the everything good about the shore—a fresh and briny scent, warmth—without subjecting you to its unpleasantness."


#WCW Ashli Stockton | Founder of Sunday Forever

An interview with the CEO of leisure & Founder of Sunday Forever, Ashli Stockton.


The Weekly Editor' Picks


Featuring our Tanlines candle. "Sundays give me anxiety like nothing else. You know that moment where it shifts from the weekend to a crippling fear of the week ahead? Well that’s what the brand SundayForever is here to fix; Sunday’s are actually supposed to be really chill, and this company’s here to not only help you out on that dreaded staple of our calendars, but actually make you wish it were Sunday forever."


Not Your Mother's Mother's Day Guide

Featuring The Margo Shorty."Now that you're all grown up, your mom probably has a bit more time on her hands to lounge around and just relax on the weekends. Which is why she needs this amazing constellation print, kimono-style robe in her life. We also need it in our life. Maybe your mom can get it for you for your birthday or something?"


What to Give the Fitness Fanatic Who Already Has Everything

Featuring our Crystal 101 Kit. "Crystals are so hot right now. Let your friend channel their inner Spencer Pratt with an introductory guide from Sunday Forever."


Our Editors' November Must Haves Are the Holiday Gifts You'll Want to Give Yourself

Featuring The Gertie. "Since it's starting to get cold, I plan to spend a majority of my weekends indoors. I want to cozy up in my comfortable kimono from Sunday Forever and catch up on shows like Stranger Things for the rest of November."


21 Tiny Gifts That Leave A Big Impression


Featuring our Zodiac Bracelets.


20 Gifts For The Person Who Is Totally Extra About Self Care

Featuring The Kit.


Want Every Day to Feel Like Sunday?

Featuring Sunday Forever staples including our kimonos, jewelry, candles, sage, perfume, and incense.


Boss Babes: Meet Ashli Stockton

An interview with the CEO of leisure & Founder of Sunday Forever, Ashli Stockton.


Shop Genius Gifts Under $15

Featuring our Single Sage Bundle. "How about a little cleanse to kick off the New Year?"


Best Gifts For The Ultimate Hostess

Featuring our Air Detox Mist. "Citrus, mint, and sage oils are like a palette-reset for her space, whether she’s look for fresh scent before the bash or cleaning up after everyone is gone. AKA, it’ll be the best-kept secret in her hostess tool-kit."


The Chicest Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Featuring our Rich and Fancy Set.


The Weekly Covet: What We're Lusting After Now

"If you're looking for some major energy shifts, this little drawstring bag filled with clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst is where you start."


30 Perfumes To Gift The Person On Your List Who Really Wants A Signature Scent

Featuring our Coconuts Eau De Parfum. "Finally! A coconut-scented perfume that isn’t overwhelming or childish. This fragrance captures the essence of summer and gives you a vacation lift without ever needing to leave your home."


"I love my three kimonos I got from Sunday Forever. They came in a beautiful packaging with a card. Shipping was super fast. I also got a room spray which smells divine. Will be shopping with them again. Super pleased customer." - Sylvia 

"Love, Love, Love my Sunday Forever kimono. Who doesn't love wrapping themselves up in a soft, comfy robe? I just wish every day was Sunday and I never had to take it off." - Mary 

"Sunday Forever was recommended to me by a friend when I was looking to purchase a new candle, and I was not disappointed at all. The candles look and smell amazing and after I purchased my first candle, I had to try the other scents. These candles are of the highest quality and will make a great gift or new addition to your home." - Evan 

"Amazing brand... amazing products. Every girl's dream. The customer service is fantastic. Each package received is a gift that is a pleasure to open. Highly recommend! Happy shopping!" - Deb