Don't Worry Stone

  • $22.00

Our Don't Worry Stone is made of polished selenite. The purposeful shape fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and helps to ease anxiety, energy blocks, and promote healing. When held in your palm and rubbed by the index finger and thumb, it can help with relaxation and gently ease your worries.

The stones are substantially sized, around 2-3", and arrives packaged in our cotton drawstring Nice Things pouch and small card explaining how the stone works.

Selenite is a crystal of mental clarity, enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening decisions.

Customer Reviews

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Jeny Weimer (The Bronx, US)
You no longer have to Worry!

Here’s a stone that calms you when the everyday heebyjeebies take over. It’s not a cure but it works to help stay centered and reminds you to stay in the moment. Be gone heebyjeebies.

Thanks Jeny! Eileen again. Goodbye heebyjeebies! Happy to hear our Don't Worry Stone is doing its job and keeping you centered xx

Birgit Putteman (Sint-Niklaas, BE)
No worries my friend

I bought it as a gift. Decided to keep it till I had a friend who could really use it. Loved it!

Ashley Wilhelm (Chesapeake, US)

I have the opal stone and it is so beautiful on my vanity and really stands out