issue 7

by Pamela Schein Murphy


Is there any other day of the week that elicits such a heated reaction?

Granted, each day has its personality: Monday’s a bitch, Tuesday is benign, Wednesday feels like you’ve succeeded in some way, Thursday’s a party, Friday is a gift, Saturday is a breath … and then there’s Sunday. Sunday’s personality isn’t a great one: It’s volatile, it’s unhinged. It’s unpredictable in the most predictable way. Sunday is the person you always look forward to spending time with until you’re actually face to face. You just want Sunday to go away. But it doesn’t. It hangs around and makes sure to never let you forget that that bitch Monday is coming fast on its heels. It’s like the worst partnership to ever be created.

For most of us, the melancholy that hits every Sunday afternoon at 4pm like clockwork, started a long, long time ago when we were kids and it felt as though at the same moment, every single week, the world shifted slightly and the air was sucked out of every room. 

And as adults, you’d hope Sunday would grow up to somehow be more tolerable, but it didn’t. It starts out better for sure: Boozy brunches, Bloody Marys, lazy days spent reading or catching up with friends, movies, museums, galleries. Maybe even a little shopping. But 4:00 hits and there it goes again. Intolerable. Sunday takes relaxed weekend you and turns you into sad, anxious, irritable you. 

For me, Sunday always felt like a punch in the gut. I even felt like the light was different on Sundays. Like the world was sheathed in sadness. As a kid it was thanks to homework. As a young  adult I had desk jobs to blame. Later it was my kids’ homework — because let me tell you — watching a second-hand Sunday might be worse than living it yourself. 

It changed for me, though. Recently. Two years ago, in fact, when I started The Select 7. My site is a curated lifestyle website that explores the worlds of philanthropy, food, beauty + wellness, travel, fashion, home design and social media through the eyes of some of the most interesting people out there, and we do it by introducing these incredible people’s thoughts, ideas and “selects” each day of the week, starting on Monday. And thanks to this — the promise and excitement of presenting the world with a new, amazing, inspirational subject every week — Sunday has become like a permanent version of Christmas Eve for me. A day filled with anticipation and, dare I say it, joy. Here’s how I Sunday …

“Sunday has become like a permanent version of Christmas Eve for me. A day filled with anticipation and, dare I say it, joy.”


I try to exercise 7 days a week, mostly because I feel way better when I’ve sweat. Sundays, though, are my “lazy” days so I try not to book anything before 9:30 or 10. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t sleep in, because I don’t want to miss the hours between 7 and 9 when all I do is drink coffee, catch up on news and hang with my family (although I have a teenage daughter so I don’t really hang with her until much, much later). I usually do a class at AKT, which is clear across Central Park from my apartment, but it’s actually the perfect way to start the day because a walk through the park is the greatest gift a New Yorker can give themselves. Especially on a Sunday.

After my workout I head home, wake anyone up who might still be sleeping, shower, have more coffee (you don’t even know how much coffee I can drink) and get everyone out the door. Sunday is our self-imposed family day and my husband and I do our best to find fun city things to do for the afternoon. It’s literally the only time during the whole week that the 4 of us will be in the same place at the same time, so we have lunch somewhere (doesn’t matter where, just isn’t allowed to be in our neighborhood) and then do something New    York-y, which can be anything from a walk on the Highline to a visit to Kith for ice cream. 


After our activity of choice, we’ll head home, usually stopping at Whole Foods or White Gold Butchers for dinner supplies. I sometimes cook, but more often it’s my husband (I am blessed to be married to a professional), and even more often it’s a group effort. Sunday night dinners at our house is a thing and we usually have friends and / or family over to help us ease into the week. Kids do homework, we cook, we drink wine. We all win.

After dinner, I wish I could say we all sit in front of the TV and watch something together, but I would be lying. Instead, the kids retreat to their rooms to finish the homework I’ve been yelling about since Friday and I head to the bathroom where I choose from one of 3,000 face masks I have in rotation. Right now, it’s Environ’s Clay Masque which purifies and hydrates and is amazing for unclogging my pores (hello, sunscreen!) and putting some of the moisture back that the current heat index has depleted. 

Mask in place I sit down and do myhomework. Every Sunday night I have to update the website to prepare for Monday’s unveiling. It’s not a huge task, but it’s one that I savor because it reminds me of how much I’ve accomplished over the past two years, and it holds the promise of a new week. It also keeps me focused on the positive, which sometimes isn’t so easy in the world we live in today. But The Select 7 is all about positivity and inspiration and I am constantly awed by the people we have put together. It’s a great reminder of just how much good there is in the world.

With work done, kids in bed, mask removed and moisturizer (s) applied (every single thing I put on my face is from my friend Cayli’s shop, Knockout Beauty. This summer I’m loving her B3 spray and Agent Nateur’s Facial Oil. If you didn’t know, now you know), it’s time for some serious TV watching with my man. This is the only time we ever get to watch together, and we have a few shows we consider to be “our” shows, which means we aren’t allowed to watch without each other — you can’t imagine how long it takes us to get through a series. Right now, we’re onto Patrick Melrose, which, if you haven’t seen, I can’t recommend highly enough.

Next comes my nightly dose of Nutrafol (I swear it helps) and Lumity (never have I slept better) and setting my alarm (6am, here I come!) before I can finally fall into bed.  

And that, my friends, is a pretty damn good Sunday.

Pamela is the founder and editorial director of The Select 7. Follow her journey or @theselect7.