issue 4

By Matt Woodcox


I got into beauty/skincare in 2011 after I had a horrible peel that left my skin red, raw, and inflamed. I went to and looked at their best-sellers to see what could help me. I wound up purchasing new products weekly, spending a ton of money searching for a cure for my damaged skin. I finally found Josie Maran’s line and it healed my skin so quickly after months of horrible skin. This is the reason that I have such a love for skincare and beauty. It gave me my confidence back that I didn’t even know meant so much to me until I lost it. Self-care is so important to me; internally and externally. 

Being a male in the beauty community can be challenging, as the majority of brands seem to cater and advertise their products to women. I have been so blessed to have worked with so many amazing brands who look beyond gender, and realized that everyone wants to feel and look better. There have been many challenges along the way since starting my Instagram and blog. I was afraid that nobody would care about what I put on my face. I get criticism regularly for things I say and do on social media. I have had to learn to have thick skin and realize that being on social media places you in a vulnerable position to be judged. I choose to express myself authentically and honestly, regardless of what people say. 

“I choose to express myself authentically and honestly, regardless of what people say. ”

I always try to encourage people to be more kind and supportive of others who are brave enough to share their journey on social media. We all have a place in the community and bring something different and unique to it. I have met so many beautiful people through this journey and if I can help one person out there through my story, then I am beyond satisfied. Things can get chaotic with all the success I have had in such a short time; finding my personal balance has been a challenge. But it's important to me to take some time to myself, and I usually do that on Sundays.

OK, now let me just start out by saying that Sundays for me are very relaxed and full of cooking and reality TV. I would love to tell you that I have some incredibly prolific or spiritual experience every Sunday, but I am not a very good liar. Although, I do take time out at the end of each Sunday to reflect on the week. I find the rest of the week is so full of work, emails, and creating content that on Sundays I like to unwind and do what makes me happy. 


I am excited to give you a basic rundown of How I Sunday.


As a freelance writer/blogger I am strict with my routine and sometimes it gets super overwhelming when you're juggling so many different clients, each with their own set of deadlines and demands. Last year I was working at a hospital in the rehab department; working three shifts a week, each one 12+ hours. So, the career transition and finding balance has been tough to say the least. One thing I have learned to do is use a planner. I now plan out my days with my commitment deadlines and also plan out what I want to post and when it will post. On Sundays I generally review my planner for the upcoming week and see what I need to get done. This has changed my life and I can rest and relax after knowing I have everything planned out for the week.



Sunday mornings I generally wash my hair and groom my facial hair (Trim and dye my beard). I keep my skincare routine pretty light on Sunday mornings because I always use a treatment of some sort on Sunday night. I love to use the Summer Friday Jet Lag Mask while I am doing laundry and cleaning. The Summer Friday Jet Lag Mask is just so soothing and nourishing and preps the skin for a long day of living my best life. For night time I really adore Drunk Elephant Baby Facial and REN Glycol Lactic Mask. This gives my skin a nice radiance and clean slate for the week - kind of like a reset button for my skin! I really adore the Dry Face Mask by Velvet Report - it's my go-to sheet mask for nourishing my skin after exfoliation.



I love to clean my house and get my beauty stations all organized and cleaned up. I think creating a space that makes you happy is extremely healthy. I love to burn candles (I adore Sunday Forever, Overose, and Voluspa candles), incense/burning paper, palo santo/sage sticks, room sprays, and I diffuse essential oils. Home fragrance is so important to me. In my opinion, it can completely lift or alter your mood. I also find a good Sunday cleaning session is a great way to start the week - I can just quickly spot clean throughout the rest of the week.



I am a big believer that music is so healing to the soul. I love to listen to music while I cook and clean (Stevie Nicks, Nicki Minaj, "Golden Hour" by Kacey Musgraves is the album on repeat for me right now, and anything 90's... I am very eclectic). I have a great record collection as well as cassettes and CDS. I do listen to Spotify a lot though! I love to vibe out to music while I am working. Sunday evenings are dedicated to watching reality TV (Kardashians, Real Housewives, etc...I live for mindless entertainment). I also have a massive book collection (lots of vintage books, poetry, mythology, and magazines) that I love to read through. I find reading physical books/magazines is such a healthy thing to do. I literally never do e-books. I refuse. I am stubborn and live for the physical! 



At night while watching TV/reading/or listening to music I love to lay on my sofa with my dog (that's Mr. Murphy to you) while he snores next to me. It is an amazing feeling to be completely comfortable with your best friend. I will reflect on things during this time and I try to send my gratitude to the universe for my blessings. I think that no matter what religion or spiritual journey you choose; it’s important to take time to connect with whatever power you are drawn to.  

Matt is a Texas-born writer, blogger, and content creator who writes for Mass Eden, Re:Beauty, and his personal blog; DirtyBoysGetClean. Follow his journey @dirtyboysgetclean



“Surround yourself with good people.” As we each navigate through life, we are met with so many different faces, souls and energies; but at the end of the day, we are left to choose who we want to keep around for the long haul.

About a year ago, we stumbled across a gem of a human being on Instagram, Matt Woodcox AKA @dirtyboysgetclean, and thank goodness for that. When we say there is no sweeter human being on this planet, we mean it. The moment we shared our first conversation with Matt, we could feel his amazing energy and overflowing heart; we knew this friendship was going to last. Not only is Matt a dear friend and supporter of Sunday Forever, but he is also a lover of all things beauty. As a male within an arguably female-centric beauty community, Matt has pushed down societal boundaries while promoting self-love and self-care. His passion to pursue what he loves while uplifting those around him is what makes him the incredible inspiration that he is.

So in honor of one of our favorite human beings, and all #boyswholovecandles, we present to you: WOODCOX. Our new ultra-limited edition Sunday Forever x @dirtyboysgetclean Woodcox candles smells like dirtyboys and aftershave. Because boys are allowed to love candles too.


The Sunday Forever Team