issue 10

by Cara DeMichele


For as long as I can remember SUNDAYS were my favorite day of the week. When we were kids it was the day for adventures, beach trips, and playing outside until the street lights came on. My favorites ended with the most delicious family meal at my grandparent’s house.

As I got older, Sunday started to represent something a little bit different; the LAST day of FREEDOM, a day to get EVERYTHING on your list done before the work week and still have time for brunch, a workout, and a full week’s worth of grocery shopping. I’m sure a lot of you have been there, holding on to every second of that beautiful day while beating yourself up for not doing all the things you need to and then POOF! MONDAY.

About two years ago I was fortunate enough to start working for myself which, for me, meant I was finally in control of my own schedule. Although that is still a lot of work and stress in and of itself, it has taught me that my time is precious and I can do all the things or none of the things, and still survive the work week. With that said, I still love the weekend and Sunday- how can you not? The automatic slow down, I’m on a beach in Sardinia, at the top of a mountain in Peru feeling just takes over, right? It’s just about learning how to balance your time and needs which I’m still figuring out.

So, because for me, every Sunday is a little bit different, Here’s a rundown of one of my favorites.

I still love the weekend and Sunday- how can you not? The automatic slow down, I’m on a beach in Sardinia, at the top of a mountain in Peru feeling just takes over, right?
Via Instagram @carademichele

Via Instagram @carademichele


I like to sleep late. Over the years many have made jokes about my hibernation skills, but I’m at my best when I sleep 10 hours a night and what better day to repay your sleep debt than Sunday (Ok, I don’t really have sleep debt but...). Every wake up for me starts with a strong cup of coffee and a glass of water with lemon (water, first). Right now, we are drinking espresso from an Italian Moka pot with steamed almond milk. It’s so good I think about it the night before. On our best days, my boyfriend and I have two espressos each while we fill each other in on the past week’s gossip. This is usually followed by falling into a very passionate, random conversation wormhole (told you the coffee is good).


Exercise for me has always been a love-hate relationship but I have realized over the years I feel and look a lot better when I make it a part of my routine. Depending on how I feel, I’ll usually take at a class at NY PILATES, CYC, YOGA VIDA, Y7 or SOUL CYCLE in the early afternoon or evening.


I love to walk out and just wander around the neighborhood. I have to be honest, this wandering thing was never something I used to enjoy as I’m more of a destination kind of gal, but I admit there is some peace in the idea having nowhere to be. These jaunts usually take us to Chinatown; to a favorite tea spot or a stop at Dipalo’s for the best prosciutto you’ve ever had and the semolina bread from Parisi. If you’re getting the Parma, then you need the fresh mozzarella from ALLEVA. If it’s more of a “diet” day we stop at CHA CHA MATCHA (I’m embarrassed to tell you that yes, I’ve waited in line for a $7 matcha). Then we either walk until our legs are numb or we stop in the Elizabeth Street garden or Columbus Park for a bit of cloud gazing and people-watching.

Via Instagram @carademichele

Via Instagram @carademichele


I’ve always loved beauty products. The discovery of a perfectly packed box or a colorful tube with whimsical typeface that can transform you into a Hollywood starlet never gets old for me. And ever since I hit 30 (something) I’ve been obsessed with figuring out how to look “FRESH” on the daily. So while every day is maintenance day for me, Sundays a perfect for those rituals that take a little bit more time to do. I will usually use a derma roller or do a mask. Some of my current favorites are: MAILN & GOETZ DETOX , REN Glycol Lactic Radiance , and the famous Aztec Clay Mask. While the mask is doing it’s thing I do some hair repair, as well. This Almond Oil adds major shine to dull, dry hair (Pro tip: A little tiny bit goes a LONG way). I also love this deep conditioner by CREDE . And if I’m feeling really adventurous, then I’ll also do a quick polish change, loving this sheer pink from ESSIE’s GEL collection.


Remember those family Sunday dinners I told you about? Well, I’ve tried to carry on that tradition by making a Sunday sauce. There’s nothing quite as cozy as curling up with a bowl of pasta covered in cheese.

Happy Sunday!

Cara is a creative director and illustrator living in NYC. Follow her story here @carajane