The Irving Shorty

The Irving Shorty


The Irving but shorter. The perfect shade of buttercup yellow. Happy, chic and extremely wealthy.

All About Your New Kimono:

Our kimonos are handmade in the USA and are designed to be lived in. They have two side pockets and a single belt loop at the back which is not meant to be used while wearing but rather is a place to store your belt while it’s hanging. You’ll also notice French seams and extra details such as under arm reinforcements. While we currently offer only one size, we are working diligently to offer a size up. Measurements are noted here in the illustration.

This kimono is made with a 100% brushed poly. We’ve never seen a fabric quite like this. It has a look and feel that can only be described as brushed silk with a velvet sheen. The best part - it can be machine washed on delicate and hung to dry.

You’ll notice that the belt that comes with your kimono is quite long. That’s because when you tie your kimono you should start at the front of your body, bring around your back, then knot or tie back at the front. This makes the waist look as cinched as you’re comfortable with. While our kimonos were originally made to be worn for lounging purposes, we’ve started to see them being worn out and about, dressed up or down. Cool.

Lastly, your kimono will arrive lovingly and carefully packaged with clear instructions on how to wear and care for you new best friend.

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