Hotel Sunday Pink Pepper and Cherry Musk

  • $38.00

Our Hotel Sunday candle is perfectly chic, balanced and easy to love, featuring notes of Pink Pepper, Sparkling Musk and a hint of Red Cherries. Hotel Sunday is the perfect scent to burn or gift and serves as the perfect backdrop (or main character) to any space.

Click here to read more about the inspiration behind Hotel Sunday.

Our 9oz candles offer about 40 hours of burn time. We use a blend of Coconut and Soy wax - this makes for a clean, slow and smooth burn. We use 100% cotton wicks and our fragrances are phthalate free. Our candles are hand poured and hand packaged by a mission based company based in the USA. They support female refugees and artisans by offering them a fair living wage through the art of candle making.

Our candles are vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. Learn how to care for your candle here

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nikita (Queens, US)
Smells like a dream!

I always light this scent when I’ve done a deep clean and it just makes my home feel cozy and comfortable and dreamy!

Laura N. (Dallas, US)
Chic, delicious, (so) fun

Smells good, looks amazing, and love the little tag along gifts. What more could you want?!

Stacy Solano (Hollywood, US)
Absolutely precious!!!!

My daughter introduced me to this company three years ago when she bought my first coconut fragrance. I have been obsessed ever sense. I love ordering and receiving my packages is the ultimate thrill for me. Thank you so very much ladies,xoxo

Alex (East Quogue, US)
Can barely smell

Not what I expected. I can barely smell it. Disappointed in this one

Awww i'm sorry about that, the majority of our candles are intentionally more delicately scented as our founder suffers from migraine and allergies. However if you're looking for something more heavily scented check out Rich, 11:11, Kittyrose or Gingerella. They definitely pack more of a punch :) xx

Lisa (Sloughhouse, US)
Wonderful scent, but not very strong

My coworker suggested this candle scent because I love clean linen and ocean scents. I do really like how nice this scent is - super clean and refreshing. I was disappointed that it isn't very strong, though. I mean, I have to hold the candle up to my nose to smell it. When burning, it doesn't really fill the room like most candles I have. Lastly, I was surprised at how small it is given the price. If there's a spray of this scent, I might buy that, but I doubt I'd spend the money on the candle again :(

Hi Lisa! Eileen here. I'm sorry to hear our candle wasn't the perfect match for you. I love the idea about a room spray! We will keep in mind for the future xx

Kirsten (Solana Beach, US)
My Go-To Gift for GFs

Subtle and luxe, this scent is so pretty. As other reviewers said, it makes a great gift!

Hi Kirsten! Eileen here. Thanks for the review! Hotel Sunday is the perfect scent for any nose xx

Taqui Keshishyan (Petaluma, US)
Delicate and chic

My most recent Sunday Forever candle I purchased to try out and I love this candle so much, the fragrance is delicate and perfect, not overwhelming and not underwhelming either. Perfect balance! This would be a great option for a gift if you didn’t know the person’s fragrance preferences, it’s inoffensive! Also love how it has a subtly different label than the other candles in the collection.

Hi Taqui! Eileen here. Thanks for noticing all the details - including Hotel Sunday's unique label. Glad to hear you're loving it xx

L. (San Francisco, US)
Chicest candle

The smell, the name, everything. The scent is light but reminds me of entering a fancy hotel. It’s on the sweeter end but not a fake cherry. A beautiful blend!!

Hi Liss! Eileen here again. Happy to hear you're loving our scent xx

Rebecca Altman (Idyllwild, US)
I take the name seriously

As other reviewers have said, it's the perfect scent: not too strong, not too light. Chic and clean. I want a perfume, a bubble bath, a clothes spray... but I'll settle for burning this candle as often as possible instead.