FAQ'S: You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers!

Where are you located?

We are located at 34 W 27th St, New York City 

Do you have a store I can visit?

Sunday Forever is a female founded, direct to consumer lifestyle brand based in New York City. We pack and ship all orders from our warehouse and offer in person shopping at our private studio. E-mail us at heretohelp@sundayforever.com if you'd like to shop in person.

In- Studio Pickup 

If you are in the NYC area and would like to pick up your order, please select "In-Studio Pickup" at checkout. When your order is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email or text notification letting you know you can pick up. 

Do I need to schedule a studio pickup time?

Nope! Once you receive the notification that your order is ready for pickup, you can come anytime between 10a-6p M-F. If you would like to pick up outside of our open studio hours, please reach out to heretohelp@sundayforever.com with your order number and desired pick up time. 

Our studio address is:

34 W 27th St Fl 6 

Order FAQ

I've placed my order but want to make changes 

Not a problem! Email us at heretohelp@sundayforever.com 

Please know that if your order has already shipped, we may not be able to make changes. We'll do our best! 

Lost or Stolen Packages
If you think your package is lost or stolen click here to issue a claim with USPS and here to issue a claim with FedEx
(Once your order leaves our warehouse we can't be held responsible for lost or stolen items so please use the links provided above)
Price Adjustments

We are happy to honor price adjustments within 5 days of purchase. Unfortunately, beyond 5 days we are unable to make any price adjustments to your purchase. Thank you for supporting our small biz!

Please note that this above Price Adjustment Policy excludes our 11 Days of Delights which runs every November. 

I'm looking to place a large order - who do I contact?

If you are looking to place a large order with high quantities, please reach out to us via email with the subject, "Sunday Forever Bulk Order" to heretohelp@sundayforever.com 

My order is a gift

We love making gifts extra special! Please know we never include pricing or receipts in our orders. 

When you checkout, you can leave a note for the receiver, which we will write by hand and add to your package. 

Order status

When will my order ship?

If you selected USPS or FREE Shipping, your order will typically ship within 1-2 business days. We pull all of our orders at 10AM EST every day. If you place an order after 10AM EST, please know it will ship the next business day.

If you selected FedEx Overnight, FedEx 2Day, or FedEx Ground, your order will ship the following business day

Since we are a teeny tiny team, we are closed on the weekends which means all orders placed after 10AM EST Friday will be packed and shipped the following Monday. 

Package Tracking

How do I track my package?

After your order has been been picked up at our NYC studio and scanned in by the carrier, you will receive an email notification with the tracking information. You can track the package by clicking on that link. If you do not receive an email notification confirming shipment, feel free to check in with us at heretohelp@sundayforever.com and we will be able to help!

My USPS tracking hasn't been updated. HELP!

Due to COVID-19, USPS has seen delays in deliveries taking anywhere from 14-21 business days. It is very common to see notifications such as "in-transit" with no other information as the package moves from hub to hub. While this may seem concerning, please know we've seen this several times and packages almost always arrive.

My FedEx tracking hasn't been updated. HELP!

If you have not seen updates on your tracking and it's been over 24hrs please reach out to us at heretohelp@sundayforever.com

My package is lost... or maybe stolen. What do I do?

If you believe your package is lost or stolen, please contact us at heretohelp@sundayforever.com with your name and order number and we will take next steps.

To ease your anxieties, here are some common situations ...

If your package was shipped via USPS and you get a "delivered" notification but can not find your package - do not panic. It is very common that USPS will mark a package delivered at the end of their day and deliver it the following day. However, if it is not delivered the following business day, that may be cause for concern and you should reach out to heretohelp@sundayforever.com


Exchange or Return

For an exchange or return, please click here and we'll get you sorted.

Please note we can not accept returns for any custom items (i.e. embroidered robes & custom jewelry) 

Product FAQ


What sizes do your robes come in?
Currently we make one size that typically works for size 2 to 22. By nature, our kimono-style robes are sized generously but we are in the process of developing an extended size. 

How do you care for your robe?

All of our robes can be washed at home on a delicate cycle in cold water and hung to dry 


What are your candles made of?
We use only 100% cotton wicks and a high quality coconut and soy blend wax for a clean, slow burn.

The story behind our candles

We also work with a mission based company out of Massachusetts to pour and hand package our candles. We chose this particular manufacturer not only because of their high quality hand-poured and hand labeled production methods but also because they support female refugees and artisans through candle making, allowing them to earn a fair living wage.

What is a Sunday Forever candle's estimated burn time?
For our 9oz candles, 40 hours. For our 11oz candles, 60 hours.


How do I adjust my bracelet?

Great question! We created a video tutorial to help you. Follow along by clicking the link here

My bracelet broke, what do I do?
We hand make each and every bracelet, so from time to time a knot may not be tied perfectly or tight enough. If you're having trouble with your bracelet send us an email at heretohelp@sundayforever.com and we'll help you out. If it's been a few months and it breaks - that means it's probably doing its job of protecting you and it's time for a new one!

If your bracelet breaks within 90 days of purchase, we offer a one-time complimentary re-string.

My red-string jewelry piece could use a refresh

We got you! You can purchase our Jewelry Restring Service here.

Once you make this purchase, you can send your red-string piece back to our NYC studio. We will let you know when we receive it and when it is ready to be shipped back out to you. 

If you have specific instructions on how you would like the charms placed on your piece, please include those instructions with your red-string piece when you send it back to us.

I want to add more charms to my existing red-string piece

You can purchase the Jewelry Restring Service along with the charms you would like to add to your existing piece. If you have specific instructions, please include that with your red-string piece when you send it back to us.

Once you make this purchase, we will send you a return label for you to send your red-string piece back to our NYC studio. We will let you know when we receive it and when it is ready to be shipped back out to you. 

Do I need to take off my jewelry for showering, swimming etc?

This is a personal choice. We choose to never take off our bracelets, necklaces or anklets. They can withstand quite a bit of wear and tear but if you're concerned about them turning a bit or getting a dirty you should probably remove them. We like them to look worn and broken in, it gives them character :)

Will my bracelet or necklace tarnish?
The majority of our charms are gold filled, which is top quality and only second to solid gold. However, how long your bracelet or necklace lasts without turning or getting a bit dull depends on 3 main things


  1. What touches it: if your bracelet or necklace comes in consistent contact with chemicals (for example: chlorine, bleach, sanitizers, fragrances, sunscreen)
  2. Your body chemistry: everyone has different levels of hormones that react differently to gold filled products. People with higher hormonal levels tend to have their jewelry turn faster. If you sweat a lot, this can also have an effect on how quickly your jewelry tarnishes too!
  3. How you store/care for your jewelry: less airflow allows for lesser chance of oxidization (which is one of the reasons for tarnishing). For example, if you live in a humid environment, it may be best to store your pieces in a tight sealed zip lock bag overnight as an extra precaution:). We also suggest reducing tangles- the less tangled your pieces is with other jewelry- the longer it will last without tarnishing!

Remember - we love the worn in look so we wear our jewelry during workouts, showers, while we’re sleeping (aka we never take them off). These are just the facts behind what could potentially cause your bracelet to lose some of that shine!

Can I clean my bracelet or necklace?

While we don’t typically clean our Sunday Forever jewelry pieces (remember, we like that worn in look) you can gently clean them daily.

If you would like to clean your Sunday Forever pieces, we suggest giving it a quick rinse in lukewarm water and then drying with a soft cloth. This will help prevent tarnishing from factors like makeup, sweat, sunscreen aka things that come in contact with you jewelry daily.

Want to learn more about gold filled jewelry?

Suggested reading from one of our manufacturers, you can read more about gold filled jewelry here 


Are your fragrances safe and non-toxic?

Yes!!! Our fragrance products are safe. The fragrance industry worldwide is regulated by the international fragrance association (ifra), an organization created in 1973. Ifra establishes the standards for fragrance materials, limiting or prohibiting the use of ingredients, based on the findings of the research institute for fragrance materials, inc. (rifm). Rifm is a non profit corporation created in 1966 and stands as the international scientific authority for the safe use of fragrance materials. All our products are formulated to comply with the most recent ifra standards and regulations.


What about allergies?

Like certain food ingredients, fragrance materials may trigger allergies even when they come directly from nature. In fact, the highest number of potential allergens are in essential oils! It is practically impossible to create an allergen-free/100% natural fragrance. There is a lot of misinformation on this subject, and the bottom line is that if you notice rashes on your skin when using a particular fragrance, you should either spray it exclusively on your clothes or stop using it. If the allergic reaction is respiratory, common sense dictates that you stop using the product, and maybe even stop wearing any type of fragrance, as there is no good way to anticipate which fragrance is going to trigger an allergy or not. The unfortunate truth is that you being allergic is not necessarily a problem with the way the product is designed or the quality and safety of its materials. To dive deeper into the subject of safety as it pertains to allergies, the European commission has made it mandatory for any brand sold in Europe to label 26 recognized allergens present in a scented product and although we sell our brands in the us only, we have decided to follow this policy.

Want to learn more about fragrance?

Visit our master perfumers via their incredibly informative website here 

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