by Ashli Stockton



Hi, Ashli here, founder of Sunday Forever. I’m always curious to see how other people make their NYC spaces feel like home so I thought i’d go first and share our little corner of the world with you. As you can imagine the real estate market in this city is intense, it took us 16 months of searching before we finally settled on this little Gramercy gem.

I like our space to feel comfy and cozy (shocker) but also aeshetically pleasing. I’m a collector of, well, pretty things. I love antiques and vintage treasures mixed with some more modern pieces. Like Sunday Forever, I think the little magical details make all the difference.

Now, i’ll take you on a little tour of of our sacred space…


A little entry area to hang coats, hats and shoes - simple but essential.

I’m a bit of plant addict, especially living in a concrete jungle I try to bring in as much nature as humanly possible. Oh, and animals, I like LOTS of animals (pictured: Wyatt)

That piece of artwork you see there, it is in fact our two dogs painted on black velvet that my husband commissioned for me for my birthday last year. It’s everything.

What looks like a bookshelf displaying my milk glass and pinch pot collection is actually a secret door to my husbands “man cave”. Let’s just say WWE, the Mets, and the Bills memorabilia doesn’t exactly fit the rest of the aesthetic.

I make smoothies and take my supplements and celery juice and lemon water with a pinch of sea salt in this exact location.

Our bedroom is simple, cozy and minimal. I’ve actually pared back on the femininity if you can believe it - the walls were pale pink up until a month or so ago when we re-painted with Clare Paints most perfect white - Snow Day. I like to sit in this window seat and read - JK LOL

Products products and products.

Last but not least my little corner of beauty. I could spend hours here playing with products and futzing around. Perhaps this deserves an entire post of it’s own :)

Thanks so much for taking a look around the inside of my brain.



Ashli is the founder & CEO of Leisure at Sunday Forever and The Sunday Issue as well as an extreme beauty lover, leisure enthusiast and dog and plant mom.