by Hannah Kloepfer

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Image: @kimjennierubyjane via Pinterest



Whereas We have taken into great consideration the quality and vibrancy of the lives of our subjects in these uncertain times. I here address both those of my shared sex and all those in the pursuit of progress, the pursuit of liberation, the pursuit of equality.

I think of you today as not subjects but as sisters. I use this platform to humbly offer my perspective on what I believe has the potential to become an epidemic if not addressed with vigor. For fear of causing undue panic, I offer that my concerns are personally motivated and non-life-threatening.

However, it is my belief that in arresting the development of this frightening trend, we will broker a life- altering covenant for one and all.

It is time to modernize.

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Whereas All women, whether born of royal blood or otherwise, shall serve her personal throne in such a manner that demands thoughtful attention and respect. In a manner, I dare say, deserving of a queen.

I acknowledge my position. I am not deaf to the potential resistance by those who may interpret this as a proclamation of privilege. And to breach this perceived division, I state that it is in my every intention to serve you, as you serve me.

I challenge your allegiance to what you have been thusly taught.

Consider the game of chess.

What I admire about this pastime is not the journey of the queen but rather of the pawn. A pawn with the courage and tenacity to continue moving forward may, one day, reach its destination and act as a queen may act. Furthermore, a pawn is forbidden from moving backwards. It must either carry on or be conquered. This is no mistake.

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For those unwilling to be conquered, take heed of this counsel:

  • Great care is taken in preparation for a royal visitation. My presence is, as yours is to be, honored and luxuriated in.

  • A queen may ever reserve the right to retreat from a situation that proves too tense, lacking in respect, or, if I may be so bold, unworthy of her time.

  • No potential partnership may be forced or disingenuous. I have saved years of my life by choosing only satisfaction and never the illusion of satisfaction.

  • There are occasions that require a devotion of self to self. This form of tête-à-tête (between myself and I) prove wildly productive. Take the time to wholly understand your own position, so that you may better understand the position of others.

  • A queen is never one thing. Nor is any human being. Sensations of joy, anger, power, and defeat may be experienced all in a single day. It is my assurance that you may play, command, surrender when necessary and still remain on top.

We therefore ask that you remain vigilant in the pursuit of gratification. Should you engage in these behaviors as they have been laid out, it is my belief that as a whole, we will blossom.

I call upon you to put your hand in mine and venture into lands unknown. For the future of the kingdom, we must not refuse the call to explore. Onward all.

God save the queen.

With pleasure,

Queen O.

Hannah Kloepfer is a PAW: Producer, Actor, Writer based in NYC. This multi-hyphenate is currently working as a writer’s assistant, developing content and culture for DonorUP, and lending her voice to various animated characters and commercials. Her migraine hasn’t reared its ugly head in some time; she hopes it’s found peace...wherever it went; life’s a whole lot better without it. Follow Hannah @hannahkloepfer and visit the magic that is and