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While everyone has spent the past year paying fashion homage to the Nineties with their “vintage” Nirvana tees, Teva sandals, slip dresses and tiny sunglasses, we’ve noticed the beginning of an Eighties renaissance take hold: bold neons, Reebok Freestyle Hi sneakers and acid wash denim are taking over the streets of New York.  We’re 100% here for these looks and ready to share some of our best style tips with you - so here are three ways to work the Eighties Acid Wash Denim into your current aesthetic!

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“Yet, when we need a hug the most, it’s just not socially acceptable to drag Teddy along from work, to therapy, to yoga (although a Savasana snuggle would be fantastic, no?) and home again. Instead, I’ve opted for the next best thing - The Teddy Bear Coat. My friend, confidante, therapist, slayer of bad dreams, absorber of tears, and the safest of safe spaces. “

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