by Catherine Spinley


By now you know I march to the beat of my own drum. I’ve got quirks, superstitions and little totems scattered around my apartment (a Post-It Note with my now deceased Grandma’s name and phone number written on it, a set of rosary beads given to me by a stranger who found me upset in a West Village church, a stuffed animal I won back in the 80s- the only thing I’ve ever won - from the local department store). Combined with the fact that this Italian girl was taught about a good Sicilian curse very early in life (The Malocchio), you’ve got yourself one odd bedfellow. Or, as my friends frequently say, “You’re just not right.”

Photo Credit: Helloglow via Pinterest

Photo Credit: Helloglow via Pinterest

Here’s the thing - I’m not one to disavow my roots but the thought of wearing an Italian Horn amulet to ward off the evil eye makes me want to arrange a mafia hit on myself. For instance in my real-life version of Sophie’s Choice (Coffee or an Italian Horn-free neck), I’d ditch the love of my life, Ol’ Bean Juice, in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. I mean, do we really only have one true love out there? Coffee makes me a bit jumpy and my teeth have never been the same shade of mother-of-pearl since I took up my two-cup-a-day habit anyway. Easy come, easy go.

Luckily none of this happened and, as I write, I am happily high on about two and a half cups of cold-brew smack. That doesn’t mean I don’t need some high-vibrational help attracting positive vibes and evicting negative thoughts. It just means I surround myself with a small army of “associates” (aka gems and stones). Perhaps it’s my synesthesia kicking into overdrive, but my stones all have names that help remind me of their powers. Let’s dig in:



You’ve been writing the Great American Novel for five years and all you’ve got is, “It was a dark and stormy night….” Perhaps you’re in need of a little geological intervention? AMETHYST AURA QUARTZ is also known as “the Writer’s Stone.”  It unleashes bliss, consciousness, wisdom and encourages the heart to speak it’s truth. Clarity of mind and and an elevated ability to clearly communicate thoughts and feelings to others are hallmark effects of the all-powerful amethyst. Tuck a few into the crevices of your book shelf or scatter them around you while you journal and watch the word count rise.

Photo Credit: enkivillage via Pinterest

Photo Credit: enkivillage via Pinterest


TIGER’S EYE is a fearless and grounding stone promoting courage, focus and perseverance. It encourages one to cast away doubt, anxiety and insecurity especially when in pursuit of a goal. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is all of these attributes, personified. She pursued a career in law at a time when women were expected to be mothers, nurses or teachers not legal scholars or Supreme Court Justices. When diagnosed with colon cancer in 1999, RGB underwent chemotherapy and radiation while court was in session and never missed a day on the bench.  And if you’re still not impressed, her dissents became even more powerful and commanding after Sandra Day O’Connor retired, leaving our beloved RGB as the sole female voice of The Supreme Court. They don’t call her The Notorious RGB for nothing.

Photo Credit: KernowCraft via Pinterest

Photo Credit: KernowCraft via Pinterest


MOONSTONE is the stone of feminine power, intuition and mystery. Inward journeys and uncovering personal truths hidden deep in your subconscious are guided by moonstone, making it the perfect companion for self-guided meditations. I stack moonstones around my effigy of Beyonce, who has subtly and not-so-subtly opined about feminism, career, motherhood, infidelity, anger and forgiveness in frank and vivid tones without ever giving away her soul or her pride.



When you’ve had a day, or a week or a month that just screams, “Calgon, Take Me Away,” you need ANGEL AURA QUARTZ. The vibes of this crystal purify your soul by melting away stress and chaos leaving behind nothing but deep peace and good vibes. Add in a good sage smudgedownload The Dalai Lama’s app (Yep - no need to reread - His Holiness has an actual app!) and you’ll soon feel as free, calm and mindful as #14 himself.


The DON’T WORRY STONE, SELENITE, is like Mother Nature’s Klonopin. I am serious. Hold one in your hand and methodically rub it for 10 minutes - you’ll notice you’re calmer, relaxed and , dare I say, less neurotic? It also brings to the holder a renewed sense of community and cooperation in the home or workplace. Imagine if Larry David had some Don’t Worry Stones? Yeah, I don’t want to live in a world without Curb Your Enthusiasm either....


We are always looking for new recommendations. Tell us about your favorite stones (and who would play that stone in real life) in the comments below.




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