by Lindsey Lekhraj

We’re well into Cancer season now, and before we move any further into this season, it’s important to understand how this season may bring forth a handful of new emotions, opportunities and ways to experience growth. So for those who aren’t too familiar with Cancer season, here’s a little breakdown on how to continue dealing with the astrological changes you may be facing until the 22nd of july.

IMage:  etsy.com  Via  Pinterest

IMage: etsy.com Via Pinterest

Ruled by the Moon and represented by the crab, this month is going to bring forth an opportunity to deal with all things regarding emotional health. Cancers have a notably big Mama Bear energy, meaning that they’re the ultimate nurturers, and highly protective of those in their inner circles. Being a Cardinal Water sign means that they carry a powerful force within themselves, with the ability to initiate action on anything they feel (while simultaneously keeping it chill). 

Just like their ruler, the Moon, they go through lots of phases and moods. An evolved Cancer is a master of their emotions, knowing exactly how to honor and process whatever feelings that may cross their paths - they are also gifted at helping those around them to do the same. 

Some may say that they’re sensitive - but it’s not in the “we all have to walk on eggshells around them” type of way. Rather, Cancers are highly emotionally intuitive - they feel their moods and can feel that of those around them, too. They have an innate ability to sense what the people around them need without being told, so they make excellent romantic partners and best friends - and once they latch on with their little (crabby) claws, they’re loyal AF. 

Cancers are also ultimate Self-Care Queens - whether this means naps and a face mask or a cozy home-cooked meal, they love to retreat to their homes to recharge and recenter themselves. The vibe of their personal space is highly important to them, as it serves as a place to find comfort and stability.

We are experiencing two eclipses during this Cancer season, the first of which happens on Tuesday, July 2nd with the New Moon. Eclipses tend to shake things up, ultimately providing an opportunity of major breakthrough or upleveling. This total eclipse gives us a chance to do a hard reset on any goals or intentions that we may have set at the first of the year. If the goals you’ve been pursuing haven’t felt on track, now may be the time to choose an alternative fork in the road, or just stand up and show up BIGGER! 

Later in July, we have a partial eclipse on the 16th, which can further solidify any upgrades and opportunities that you’re focused on. 

So how should we expect to feel during Cancer season? We are being asked to really take a good look at where we can take better care of ourselves. Where are you procrastinating or making excuses for things you want to do? Are you getting too caught in your feelings around something that you could let go of, or can you face that reality you’ve been avoiding? 

Tap into this Cancer energy by taking care of yourself to the max, honoring your feelings and emotions, and then take an honest look at where you can potentially get out of your own way. Stop hiding from the world and come out of your shell! 

Lindsey is a Holistic Wellness Coach Based in Los Angeles, who combines science and spirituality to optimize your mind, body, and soul. Using tools like Epigenetics testing, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Kundalini yoga and meditation, Lindsey guides you through the ultimate transformation into the brightest version of yourself. Follow her Journey @Wellevation.co