By the Sunday Forever Team



From the sheets to the streets

We’re a couple months into cozy season, and this calls for our coziest line of kimonos yet. Back in September, we launched Sunday Forever’s Fall 2018 Kimono Collection, a line curated with the most magical pieces for all leisure lovers. Composed of some of our classic pieces, along with a few new numbers that scream moody Autumn vibes, this collection is a dream just waiting to be worn.

The line consists of six kimonos, available in both long and short: The Kit, The Cooper, The Alex, The Irving, The Oliver and The Henry. As always, the design process was creative, meticulous, challenging, inspiring and, needless to say, an absolute blast. With books of different fabrics and designs sprawled across the office rug, the entire team spent a day pow-wowing around a mood-board, crafting our vision for this collection.


We decided this Fall was a time to challenge ourselves by developing a line of kimonos that were unique from our previously introduced bright and vibrant pieces, whilst maintaining Sunday Forever’s dreamy vibes and preeminent quality. Born from a richer color palette and a sophisticated pattern selection, these kimonos hold a moody air of defined elegance and major chicness.

This collection holds an extra special place in our hearts, as they were designed with a greater mission in mind. Over the past two years, we’ve noticed many of our Sunday Forever kimono lovers styling our pieces beyond the walls of their bedrooms -- a day and night wardrobe choice we’ve been obsessed with practicing ourselves. With the pieces already being popularly worn out in the wild, we conceptualized this line to be more versatile fashion pieces that can be worn, both in the comfort of your own home and out on the streets as an easily-styled, everyday look. This Fall collection lives and breathes the saying “from the sheets to the streets.”

With kimonos being typically regarded as a female-centric wardrobe choice, we thought this collection was a perfect opportunity to challenge long-lived fashion norms of gender exclusivity. While our kimonos have always been uni-sex, with its moody and bold look, this particular line was created to evoke a seamless balance of femininity and masculinity, inviting anyone and everyone to indulge in all the cozy and chic vibes the kimonos have to offer.

Sunday+Forever+Fall+2018+Kimono+Collection (1).jpg

To narrate our story of masculinity within the brand, we created male counterparts for each member of the Sunday Forever team, and incorporated them into the line. From Ashli to Alex, Helene to Henry, Olivia to Oliver and Irene to Irving, we put a masculine twist on each of our names as an ode to all the boys who appreciate the kimono life.

Oh, and did we mention that with the launch of this line, we are now offering custom embroidery on all of our kimonos? You read that right. As each of us on the team have created a close, heartfelt connection to our pieces, we believe in the magic of personalizing our kimonos with a touch of individuality to enhance our luxuriating experience. We want to share this magic with you.

Kimonos are more than just a garment to us; they are symbols of comfort, protection, luxury, confidence, and just plain MAGIC. So we encourage you to explore our Fall 2018 Kimono Collection, and to continue furthering your journey in being your best self.


The Sunday Forever Team

Kimonos are more than just a garment to us; they are symbols of comfort, protection, luxury, confidence, and just plain MAGIC.