Luxe Velvet Robes Re-issue

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We made a few more pieces of our luxe velvet robes, if you've wanted one now's the time. They feature two side pockets and a double wrap belt for extra cinching and maximum drama.

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(To add our Magic Obi Belt to your robe click here)

CARE: Gentle wash cold, tumble dry on low or hang to dry. No dry cleaning here.


Made with high quality velvet, 80/20 cotton modal blend. The nature of the design works for size 2-22, exact measurements are featured in illustration here.

To belt, start at the FRONT of your body, wrap around back, then knot back in the front. Voila! You look great. The loop in the back is there to store your belt, it’s not mean to loop the belt through while wearing.

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Deanna Isenhour (Claremont, US)
Limited Edition Teddy 🧸 Velvet Robe 8/28/21

I absolutely love this dreamy, wrapped up in the arms of a snuggly teddy bear all warm and cozy. It's getting to be hybernation time for me. So, right from the shower into my 🧸 colored robe, grab a healthy snack, decide on a movie and then it's off to dreamland. The robe is so soft and comfy, nice roomy pockets and a nice long belt that you can wrap and tie in many ways. I also have it in pink for when I'm feeling girly 💋 purchased 2/28/21