Rich Candle (Cashmere and Smoke) | Luxury Candle

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Our luxury candle, RICH, smells like money, boys, cashmere and smoke. Made to make you feel like pure luxury. Lightly scented, ultra-sophisticated and loaded with ambiance, our luxury candles are one of a kind.

Our 11oz candles offer about 60 hours of burn time and the 30oz offers about 120 hours. We use a blend of Coconut and Soy wax - this makes for a clean, slow and smooth burn. We use 100% cotton wicks and our fragrances are phthalate free. Sunday Forever custom made scent can't be found anywhere else and offer a luxury candle experience each time you light one up. Our luxury candles are hand poured and hand packaged by a mission based company based in the USA. They support female refugees and artisans by offering them a fair living wage through the art of candle making.

Our Rich & Fancy Set is the perfect gift for those who are rich and fancy, or just want to be! This set includes:

  • Rich candle

  • Fancy Wicker Trimmer

  • box of matches (currently sold with our classic box of matches instead of fancy flip top matches)

CARE: please trim wick before burning and after each burn. This allows for a clean burn and look for the life of your candle. Never leave our luxury candles unattended and we recommend burning them for no longer than 3 hours at a time on a heat safe surface. Once your candle is finished, you can clean any left over wax out of the container and up-cycle the vessel for a multitude of uses.

Liking #NiceThings is a lifestyle.

All Sunday Forever items are cruelty free.