TOP OF THE TOWER: ISSUE 21 - Sunday Forever


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by Ashli Stockton


I love running Sunday Forever. Sure, it’s not easy - nothing worth doing is, right? But even the challenges end up being a learning experience. The one thing I’ve had trouble with along the way, is time (and finding enough of it for myself). Before starting the company, I had a pretty consistent schedule so I could easily carve out time for my workouts. Well, let’s just say that’s no longer the case. I’m basically mothering a newborn baby (Sunday Forever) which means I have to put it and its needs before my own. This makes keeping a consistent workout schedule nearly impossible. The travel to and from, the showering and changing after - when all is said and done, that’s TWO hours (that I don’t have). Enter, Obé… I NEVER in a million years thought I’d work out at home, but NEVER SAY NEVER...Am I right?

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Obé is an online fitness boutique that allows you to live stream workout videos in the comfort of your own home. There’s such a wide range of classes you can take, including strength, power, dance, sculpt, and HIIT, so there’s really something in there for everyone. Plus, each class is perfectly timed to anywhere from 5 to 28 minutes and is designed to be easily completed without any equipment, so it’s super easy to incorporate it into any day of the week! And do I even need to say how amazing their instructors are? Obé gives you access to taking classes with so many amazing, well-known instructors who are nothing but encouraging and informative on how to get the best workout in. To top it all off, you get UNLIMITED access to 14 classes a day for just $27/month. Yup. UNLIMITED. What a freaking steal!!!

Needless to say, Obé has made staying active beyond easy, comfortable and affordable. Not only can I switch up my workouts by jumping through different classes, but I can do it all in the comfort of my own home (with Ted & Wyatt cheering me on from the couch, of course).

Still not convinced? Learn more and try their free trial here…and head to our Instagram @thesundayissues for a chance to WIN a free one-month membership!

Ashli is the founder & CEO of Leisure at Sunday Forever and The Sunday Issue as well as an extreme beauty lover, leisure enthusiast and dog and plant mom.