TOP OF THE TOWER: ISSUE 19 - Sunday Forever


Real estate is expensive, especially when we're talking beauty product space. Our Top of the Tower product picks are always front and center, right where they belong.


by Cara DeMichele


On a Saturday afternoon I strolled into Barney’s Downtown to get a new bronzer. After talking myself out of a pair of Saint Laurent leather boots and a mini Balenciaga cross body bag in lipstick red, I strolled down the winding staircase to the beauty floor.


Wandering around in an over-stimulated daze, like a girl in a candy store, a woman called out to me,  “Do you want to know the secret of youth?” Was I that hungover from last night or did she actually just say that out loud? And why would I need that!?! As I walked past a mirror it was, unfortunately, very clear - I looked tired, dehydrated, and my Mediterranean dark circles were the color of a ripe eggplant.

So, I sat in her chair and barely listened as she applied this cooling gel cream to my eyes, a product called 111SKIN SPACE DEFENCE BRIGHT EYE LIFT GEL . Just to be polite I asked a question or two and then said, “How much is this one?” to which she replied, “$190.”

Ok, ummmmmm nope I’m just here for bronzer. Cara stay focused - you don’t need another eye cream. I left her teasing Lair of Youth and proceeded to the Chanel counter and then over to Malin & Goetz. But, as I walked back past that same mirror from earlier I stopped.  HOLY SHIT, I literally looked 5 years 10 minutes! Wrinkles gone, black circles lightened.

You can guess what happened next….


If you struggle with fine lines and dark circles 111SKIN SPACE DEFENCE BRIGHT EYE LIFT GEL is an instant eye lift. The small-ish bottle will last you up to six months because you don’t need to use that much product. I saw results instantly. Yes, it is 100% worth the investment. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and shows damage, stress, fatigue and age easily. The cocktail of phytonutrients, caffeine, copper and chlorophyll stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin (that’s the stuff that helps plump up the sunken under eye area) for a youthful look, but also reduces unwanted puffiness (that’s the stuff that makes it look like you got eight  hours of sleep).

Cara is a creative director and illustrator living in NYC. Follow her story here @carajane