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Real estate is expensive, especially when we're talking beauty product space. Our Top of the Tower product picks are always front and center, right where they belong.


by Irene Kim


The weather this winter hasn’t been the kindest to me. I’ve always fallen under the combination to oily skin category, so when my skin started to feel tight and dry this winter I was beyond confused. I wasn’t sure how to accommodate to these changes that my skin was undergoing. “Do I stick to my usual light-weight, oil-free, extra minimal moisturizing routine? Or do I douse myself with a bunch of oils and creams with the risk of having acne mines growing on my face?”

Moisturizing was still a game that was a bit foreign to me. I was afraid of moisturizing because I wasn’t sure what it would do to my typically oily, acne-prone skin.

Enter: Belif’s True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb.



This baby was a complete life-changer. I came across this product when a handful of beauty vloggers on YouTube started raving about this moisturizing cream, and trust me when I say, they weren’t freaking out about it for no reason.

This moisturizing bomb is super soothing and extra extra extra hydrating. But don’t get it twisted — that doesn’t mean it’ll leave your skin feeling like it took a dive into a vat of oil. Just think of it as a way to give your skin all the hydration and plumpness it can ever need (um, hello!! 26 hours of long-lasting moisture? HELL YES). It’s formulated with a bunch of hydrating agents like comfrey leaves that are known to aid damaged, dry and aging skin. After just a few days of using this cream, I could see a noticeable glow on my face; it’s like my skin was thanking me for finally giving it some H2O.

It’s the first month of 2019. Your skin deserves nice things.

Try out a tub of this magic for $38 here.


Irene Kim is the Assistant Editor at the The Sunday Issue and Marketing Assistant at Sunday Forever. When not creating magical content you can find her dining with her friends at some cool new place every single night. Follow Irene @_irenekim