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Real estate is expensive, especially when we're talking beauty shelf/counter/vanity space. Our Top of the Tower product picks never go into the "maybe I'll love this one day" bin. They're front and center, where they belong. We'll tell you why...


Heritage+Store+Rosewater (1).jpg


I heard that Rosewater helps to calm sensitive skin, but wasn't sure I'd love the scent, because well, rose gets a bad rap in the world of fragrance. Not to worry though, it smells light and fresh and lovely. Years of use and 100's of bottles later, this product earned its spot on the Top of the Tower for so many reasons, but here's the gist:

1. It really does calm the skin. I notice redness visibly reduced, and it makes the skin feel clam and happy. True story. I think it even calms my seasonal allergies, or at least the itchiness. 

2. Sure it's refreshing but so are a lot of things, like iced tea with a lemon wedge on a hot day. This though, is not only refreshing but lightly moisturizing. There are 2 versions, one with glycerin and one without. The glycerin version will give you more moisture, but we prefer the gets the job done and doesn't clog the pores.

3. You know how after you put on your tinted moisturizer or foundation of choice and then hit it with a bit of setting powder -  your makeup can look flat and too matte and all the dew is gone? Well, spray a bit of this right onto your (moistened) beauty blender then gently pat, pat, pat all over the face and voila, magic. The perfect amount of setting, the right amount of dew. 

4. We also spray it all over the body after the shower for a light amount of moisture, especially the neck/chest/back...maybe I'm crazy but it's calmed any signs of bacne. 

5. Lastly, it won't break the bank. It's around $9 (get it here) and because it's one of the best beauty products on the face of the planet you'll buy a lot of these. With daily use, I got through about a bottle a month so I have a backup stockpile at the ready.