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by the Sunday Forever Team

A couple of years ago, Sunday Forever’s Founder + CEO Ashli was on one of her many trips to New Orleans. She stayed at a hotel that was once a brothel many, many moons ago. Among the names of the madams of said brothel were Miss Kitty and Miss Rose - There were two suites in the hotel still named after them. Right then and there, the decision was made. This had to be a candle - enter Kittyrose.


The scent would be rose based of course, but rose scents can be tough to perfect and tend to smell a little, well - like your great aunts house. THIS rose, needed to be different (shocker). We wanted to add some depth, some dirt, and maybe a little tobacco. Something pretty, but gritty.

Our Kittyrose candle smells like white pepper and petals; think fresh cut green stems too. The scent emulates the Yin and Yang that lives within our brand so perfectly. The scent is rich and sophisticated but soft enough to burn all day. Cozy up to the queen - Kittyrose is back. Light it up. Luxuriate.