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issue 19

by Harmony Boyer

How+I+Sunday+Harmony+Boyer+The+Sunday+Issue (1).png

I’ve actually always loved Sundays.  

Growing up, it was the day I think I might’ve looked forward to the most. I have these intricate vivid memories of tinkering on the piano while my mom put some type of deliciousness in the oven. Oh, and the anticipation of basically “starving” myself until about 5pm so I didn’t ruin my appetite. How I wish I had that kind of personal restraint now.

As an adult my Sunday’s have morphed into different things over time. I did go through a brief phase of the “Sunday Scaries” during my 20’s and now, in my 30’s I have come to the realization that I’m not quite the Sunday Bon Appetite cook that my mother is.  

Sunday. There’s just so much autonomy in a day like Sunday and I love the possibility.  

What I have realized though is that I take solace in the opportunity of Sunday.  Do you want to sleep in until 12 and order food from you couch? Sunday’s your day.  Are you feeling more like a meditate and chill gal? Sunday. There’s just so much autonomy in a day like Sunday and I love the possibility.  

Image:  @somefamouschick  via Instagram

Image: @somefamouschick via Instagram

Recently, I tested my personal “autonomy” and moved from San Francisco to Philadelphia. If I’m being completely honest this tested my Sunday theory of possibility.  A cross country move is hard and while extremely exciting, can be a bit jarring. I realized how accustom I had become to my SF Sunday “ritual” of sorts and was struggling to find my own ritual in my new home.  So, while I’m still looking for the complete melody to go alongside this Harmony, here are my favorite bi-coastal Sunday Forever, vibes.

Ps: did you know that more musicians sang about Sunday than about any other day of the week? So here’s my HOW I SUNDAY playlist 😊

Image:  @somefamouschick  via Instagram

Image: @somefamouschick via Instagram



I don’t set an alarm on Sunday – On Saturday night, I “peek” my blinds a bit prior to going to bed because I love waking up to the natural light. None of that terrifying phone alarm screeching from the weekday mornings.  You know, the one that makes you question your total existence?

Horizontal stretch, stretch, stretch, roll over and say good morning to my cat and then walk to my kitchen and make a cup of hot water with lemon.  (I once read that Gwyneth Paltrow did this as part of her daily routine to detox her body and help with overall wellness. A few days later, standing in front of the lemons at Trader Joes, I thought, Harmony you could/should do that too.

As I sip on my “Gwyneth” cocktail I smarten myself up a bit.  I typically don’t wash my face in the morning, but I do a swipe of P50 1970, Drunk Elephant’s Protini moisturizer and Indie Lee’s I-Waken eye serum.  Now that I look and feel less like a zombie, I take a walk to my local coffee shop. I love that this motivates me to get out of bed and take my morning noodle legs for a little stretch.  

In San Francisco my soulmate coffee shop was a darling place called Pinhole Coffee – Here in Philly I have adopted Menagerie Coffee as my new go-to.  I’m a simple coffee order, usually good quality basic black coffee, but on Sunday’s I typically treat myself to a Cortado or recently a “London Fog.” (Editor’s Note: Don’t panic if you don’t know what that is…. Earl Grey tea, steamed milk and vanilla!)




  • I can’t tell you when this started but for the last five years (at least) I’ve changed and washed my sheets every Sunday. Obviously, I also wash them as needed during the week (I’m not a monster!) but always again on Sunday.  For me it’s the perfect way to seal off the week, wash away all that happened and start afresh.

  • Plant bath-house! My favorite little plant buddies get a weekly bath, plus rotation on Sundays.  My house has become quite the “jungalow” lately and it’s one of my favorite, (albeit) time consuming Sunday chores.

Image:  @somefamouschick  via Instagram

Image: @somefamouschick via Instagram



  • When I lived in San Francisco, I spent a lot of time with a person who worked in the bar industry. Opposite schedules are always a bummer, but he typically had Sundays off.  So, it was a day that I always looked forward to all week; whether it was seeing some great bands at different music festivals or just running around the city in search of the perfect off color “Sunday Funday”. This taught me one of my favorite things about Sundays: spend them with someone who makes you look forward to things.  Even if that someone is just yourself.

  • SELF CARE SUNDAY PINA COLADAS – Can I get an amen for one of my favorite “self care” rituals?? I know that it seems impossible; like, who drinks Pina Coladas when they’re not on vacation?  *raises hand* - I do, alongside some of my closest girlfriends. Weekly. Is this why my pants are snugger than they use to be? Answer: Exactly.

Image:  @somefamouschick  via Instagram

Image: @somefamouschick via Instagram




In my latter millennial years, I love an early bedtime.  Sundays are no exception. Especially as the days turn darker, earlier, I find myself in full “HARMbernation.”  Making lavender or dandelion tea and ritualistically lighting my assortment of candles (don’t tell my landlord) are my keys to winding down and getting in a good mental state for a productive Monday.

My evening Sunday beauty routine has the potential to be laughably excessive.  So much possibility! Face mask, hair mask, yoni mask, etc. One of my favorite things about working in the beauty industry is that we are always trying new and exciting product, so I constantly have something different in my rotation.  However, for the most part, it’s very quick and easy:

Image:  @somefamouschick  via Instagram

Image: @somefamouschick via Instagram

  • Eve Lom balm to remove any makeup/remove my eyebrows *eeek

  • P50 1970, again, because it is literally a miracle product for my skin, even though a friend of mine described the scent as “wet cigarette face” and I’ve never felt like a phrase was ever truer.

  • Pai Rose Hip Seed Oil, Shisedo Benefiance eye cream, Tatcha Lip Mask

  • Organic Lavender CBD roll on.

  • Put on some Eagle-Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight” and set my alarm

THE SUNDAY ISSUES: Inspired by Harmony’s playlist? She’s created a custom Sunday Forever Spotify Playlist just for The Sunday Issue! Click here, press play and prepare yourself for some musical magic.

Harmony is a long-time lover of all things beauty, music and cocktails. When she’s not enjoying a good laugh or a cheeky drink with some friends, she is a content-creator & buyer in the beauty industry. Follow her journey @somefamouschick