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Pink; it is everywhere. Red carpet-worthy gowns on Oscar night, cherry blossoms in full bloom, the hair color of every millennial influencer at one point or another. It’s all pink all the time.

At this point in my life I’ve lived through three distinct waves of the color pink. The cool-toned pastel pink of the preppy mid-eighties seen on popped collar Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, threaded through multichromatic madras plaid shorts and a particularly frosty shade on the lips of every teenage girl in the passenger seat of a red camaro. After having survived the earth-toned muteness of the nineties, pink came back with a vengeance in the early aughts fueled by one Miss Regina George, This version of pink was hotter and brighter, only softer if you owned a velvet or velour Juicy Couture track suit.

A few years ago something happened - pink came back from the dead. Again. It began sometime around 2013 when a popular affinity for dusty pastels overtook the fashion and beauty industries. Who can forget Michelle Obama’s pink dress and grey manicure at the 2012 Democratic National Convention that sparked massive sales of Dior’s Gris Montaigne nail polish (that wasn’t the color Obama actually wore, FYI)? Or the Rosé All Day tees? Or when Apple introduced Rose Gold as an iPhone color option?

Dubbed Millennial Pink, the color isn’t going anywhere and, with my luck, will make its way back into the pop culture lexicon at least 17 more times for me to see. While pink has made an appearance in our closets and our homes many times over the past few decades, it has never infiltrated our makeup bags more than it has over the past few years. Yep, full face pink makeup (including on the eyes) is a look and if I didn’t see done in countless You Tube videos, I wouldn’t believe it. In moderation, it’s a very good idea. In excess, you’ll probably receive some concerned pink eye-related inquiries.

Here are some products and tips for pink makeup that will ensure you avoid looking like you’re in need of a strong antibiotic:

  • While you can use pink on the eyes, lips and cheeks simultaneously pick one feature to focus on. If you’re wearing a saturated pink lip, avoid also wearing a smoked-out, rose-colored eye look. If you want a strong blush, a pink lip gloss and a sheer wash of a pink shimmer eye shadow will complement this perfectly.

  • Choose pinks with the same undertone as your skin. NARS Schiap Semi Matte Lipstick is very cool in tone and if you know cool tones don’t work in your foundations or concealers, this color probably won’t work either.

  • If you’re embracing pink makeup, maybe rethink the pink blouse or pink sweater you laid out last night. I mean, I’d advise all-black but I’m a depressive who lives in New York so take that for what it’s worth. Green looks great with pink if you’re an optimist!

  • Freaking have fun and play around with the balance. Shades of pale pink are associated with kindness, calm and relaxation.


Some of our favorite products to get a subtle but beautiful pink look:

Image:  via  Pinterest

Image: via Pinterest