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Tarot pulls for the signs for May - you can check your sun, moon, & rising placements in your birthchart.

Aries - 5 of pentacles

The month of May will be a test of your ability to change your perspective. The energy of this card pull depicts a lack mentality. Are you feeling a bit left out? Ghosted perhaps? Maybe you aren’t where you’d like to be financially or are even facing losing your job or struggling findi

ng a new home. Whatever the case is specifically for you, take some time to pay attention to how your thoughts are controlling the environment around you. It can be challenging to stay positive in moments of adversity but the observation of your inner-monologue could be the ticket to flipping the narrative here. Everything is always happening for you, not to you. Remember that rejection is redirection & any time you feel at odds with what you once knew is a chance to rewrite the whole story.

Shop the Rich candle & rose quartz crystal points to boost abundance & loving energy as well as manifest more financial security. Hold the crystal to your chest & say the words “I am safe loved abundant & secure” light the candle & gaze at the flame while visualizing what would make you feeeeeel rich.

Taurus - Ace of wands

Happy birthday Taurus! The ace of wands brings you adventure, new opportunities, beginnings, & inspiration. This new-ness is just in time for your rebirth so embrace all the change that you can. If you were looking for a sign to say yes to that trip, partnership, job opportunity, or move, then this is it! The ace of wands speaks to an opportunity you do not want to miss. This breath of fresh air will help with the stagnant energy you were facing towards the beginning of the year. You will be more energized & notice a change in your thoughts & behaviors. There are seasons for everything & right now it's yours. What magical new beginnings are waiting for you? Seek them out today.

Shop the HBD candle & Coconut incense bundle for the ultimate self-care vibes. Light the HBD candle & before blowing it out make your wish & say thank you to the Universe to receive your blessings. The combo of the candle & coconut incense will have you feeling decadent & pampered. Treat yourself to an at home facial & relax because you’re going to need all the rest you can get before this brand new beginning unfolds.

Gemini - 8 of cups

You have put time energy & so much effort into a situation that is simply not reciprocating. You realize now that you can no longer waste anymore time pouring into something that isn’t pouring back into you. This could be a job, relationship, or even a belief system that just isn’t fulfilling. You need something that's going to set your soul on fire. This is a calling you can’t ignore. You may have had a dream or a vision you wanted to go after for some time now but other obligations or restrictions were getting in the way. Know that no time was wasted or lost, you gained a lot through the experience & the Universe is always watching. No good deed goes left unrewarded by the Universe but you have to be ready to receive that reward. Even if that means leaving everything behind. The journey ahead of you won’t be met without challenges or sacrifice but in the pursuit of your wildest dreams you will stop at nothing to get what you’re after. You’re ready now.

Shop the Morning Ritual kit. To cleanse your space of stale energy & lingering spirits with the air detox then brew your favorite coffee or tea & while stirring clockwise repeat the affirmation “I am welcoming new beginnings” 9x then light the morning candle & while you sip get a notebook & start journaling whatever ideas are flowing through to you. This is a great practice to get grounded & set intentions for your day.

Cancer - 5 of wands

Sweet nurturing empathetic Cancer, you’ll be showing more of your claws these days in May. The 5 of wands is the energy of feeling like you need to fight your way. This could come from a competitive energy in the workplace or your field or it could be disputes in friendships or partnerships. Whatever the case try to diffuse from the drama of it all. You’re here to win & to be a winner means to rise above all of the shade you feel people are throwing at you. Easier said than done. You’re highly sensitive to those around you so when you are feeling threatened instead of getting defensive or retreating into your shell try to understand that you may just be feeling how others are feeling in your presence. Ask yourself in triggering moments if this feeling is yours. Learn how to be the highest vibration in the room & transmute negative energy to further propel you towards success. 5 of wands also indicates there may be more than one romantic suitor barking up your tree. I mean look at you, divine being! No matter what adversity this month brings Cancer remember that you can rise above it. If someone angers you try pausing for 9 seconds before responding to think before you speak!

Shop the selenite wand & evil eye bracelet. The selenite wand is great for charging your other crystals but it is also an amazing tool to get rid of negative energy that may have attached itself to your auric field. Simply use the wand like a metal detector scanner up & down your body forwards & back to cleanse. Don’t forget the bottoms of your feet! Wear the classic evil eye charm to ward off evil spirits & envy. Tip! If the charm falls off or the bracelet breaks in anyway don’t try to fix it simply replace it because it has served its purpose in protecting you!

Leo - 9 of pentacles

Ok Leo, I see you. You are feeling abundant, prosperous, & radiant this month. The 9 of pentacles is the energy of work hard play hard. You are now able to enjoy the fruits of your labour & you are surrounded by your beautiful & luxurious possessions. You could be feeling extra proud of your home or wanting to elevate it even further with fresh decor. You are also taking a lot of time & care to invest in your body. You are simply glowing, & everyone can see it even if you can’t just yet. May is a month for you to sit back & enjoy all of the earthly pleasures. Influenced by Venus goddess of love, Taurus season is where we can indulge in the 5 senses without feeling guilty. So go ahead Leo, live your best life this month. This card is always recognized as the step before the Empress in tarot. The Empress is the embodiment of the divine feminine & unconditional love. How can you embody the divine feminine to take your earthly experience to the next level?

Shop velvet robes , fluffy feet slippers ,& glass cloche . Take your lounging experience to the Empress level. I know you have a hundred candles already but why not make it fancy with a cloche? Opulence darling!

Virgo - 2 of pentacles

The name of the game this month for you is choices! Do you have your pro’s & con’s list already made Virgo? There are some options for you to decide between & the key here is to listen to what your gut is telling you. What option makes you feel the best? There will also be the opportunity this month to have multiple sources of revenue flowing in which will also mean that there will be a huge emphasis on remaining balanced. Side hustles are great for building financial security but make sure you are taking enough time for you to just be. If you are having a serious case of indecisiveness this could be a sign that you are imbalanced & need to find your grounded center again. Make sure you spend lots of time in nature to neutralize energy & so that you can see both sides clearly before making any serious decisions. Remember that you are a co-creator in your reality & so you must actively be choosing the life you wish to create in order for it to manifest. Even the smallest choices like choosing to journal over checking social media in the morning could create massive change for you. Yes, take your time & think it through, but you will ultimately have to choose.

Shop this crystal kit & Green candle . To cultivate a grounded & balanced space in your home. Arrange the crystals in a shape like a circle or triangle that resonates with you & place the candle in the center. Set the intention to come to a decision. Sit with a journal or do a guided meditation to receive an answer.

Libra - 3 of swords

Who hurt you? The 3 of swords is the heartbreak card in tarot but it could also represent separation & longing. This month you could be dealing with loss or an ending or you could simply feel the resurfacing of an old wound. Healing isn’t linear so remember that & allow yourself to feel how you feel just know that whatever is lost will be replaced by the Universe. Write a letter to someone about how you feel or to your past self giving them the advice you would've needed & submerge the paper in a bowl of water with salt to release these feelings. While endings can be extremely painful they are a necessary part of life. Honor this moment as you know it is the beginning of your rebirth.

Shop the comforter for your eyes sleep mask & Teddy Bare candle to soothe & calm. When lighting the candle say the affirmation “I am divine love” as many times as you need until you believe. Get lots of rest & prioritize yourself care at this time.

(1. Angel aura quartz crystal, 2. Evil eye bracelets, 3. Mega Rich candle)

Scorpio - Page of cups

The month of May will have you brimming over with excitement & energy. You will hardly be able to contain yourself. This could be a romance that has painted everything rose colored for you. You have a new lust for life. There’s a sense of eagerness & innocence that may result in you being a bit more shy or passive at times but the more you channel your feelings into art or your messaging the higher you will soar. Don’t fight the urge to feel all the feels. You are living life as if it were poetry now & poetry my dear, is in the details. Take everything in this month like a child with new eye’s to the world. You can’t help but wonder what magic is about to unfold. Now go get started on that playlist you were gonna send them.

Shop Kittyrose Candle for all the romantic vibes with the beautiful aroma of white pepper & petals. Keep a Don’t Worry Love Stone in your pocket. Tip! Take the candle on a romantic picnic (even with yourself) to really set the mood.

Sagittarius - The Star

Divine light being. The road you have traveled has not been easy, in fact it's been quite dark. All this contrast was for you to see your own light. Here you are healing & transforming deeply. Awakening to your potential & all of your gifts. You are shining now & stepping into the spotlight. There were others that tried to make you small, to dim your light, or they even tried to feed off of it. You are no longer compromising to make others feel comfortable. If your light offends someone please know it is because they are unable to find their own & that eventually they will figure it out. You are the main character, creative director, producer, & designer of this life. By stepping into your Star power you will inspire so many others to search for their own light. So keep doing you, there’s even the possibility of some fame or public recognition coming your way for all the amazing gifts & talents you are now sharing with the world. Thank you for your light work.

Shop the Herkimer Diamond Delight bracelet to always remind you that you are the Star & the Fancy coconut perfume to give you all the Old Hollywood vibes at your vanity, its scent is warm & bright & very glamorous. Play the part.

Capricorn - 2 of wands

Capricorn this month you have the world in your hands. You have studied, researched, dreamt, & investigated & now you are planning your strategy. There are a lot of plans & decisions that are being formulated right now. You could be planning on stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking one last good look around to make sure you have everything you need. You know exactly what it is that you’re after & while you may not be ready to dive in just yet you can’t get this choice off your mind. The rewards are on the other side of fear. There is so much luck & support on your side that you aren’t even aware of. Take your time, but just know that when you take the leap the net will appear.

Shop the amethyst crystal point necklace to help alleviate any fears or anxieties you have about embarking on your new journey. It will help with any of your sleepless nights. Burn the Hotel Sunday candle while you’re in your planning phase to amplify your sense of adventure, wonder, & of course luxury.

Aquarius - Wheel of Fortune

Jackpot! The wheel of fortune is always spinning & right now it just cashed out on you. What does this mean? This month you can expect miraculous help from lady luck, unexpected financial gains or opportunities could manifest. Expect miracles to happen all around you. This cycle you are entering is a karmic one, you are getting paid out for all the good vibes you were throwing around while the Universe was watching. Know & trust that you deserve all the success coming your way. Also, have you ever heard about divine timing? It's perfect timing & it's never late. Know that the events that will unfold in May were cosmically orchestrated to put you in the best possible position for happiness & fulfillment. This is all about divine order taking place so remember that any time you start to lose hope. Usually just when you’re about to give up is when the Universe likes to surprise you with what you need.

Shop the 11:11 candle & angel aura crystal points to call in your manifestations. Light the candle & hold the crystal in your hands as you watch the flames dance. Visualize what your blessings will feel like once they arrive. See yourself smiling & celebrating. When you’re done thank the candle as you blow the flame out & send your heart’s wish to the Universe.

Pisces - The High Priestess

You don’t even need this tarot-scope because you’re psychic yourself High Priestess! Pisces you have tapped into your intuition & even though you may not be able to see things in the physical just yet this month you have a strong gut feeling about what’s to come. Trust that what your inner-knowing is telling you is true & start practicing acting on that strong intuition. This could even be your higher self breadcrumbing you along the way with little hints & signs from the Universe. You won’t be revealed what’s to come just yet because you are being guided to make a choice on what you don’t see. A test to how well you have acquainted yourself with your gifts. The High Priestess is also the blend between masculine & feminine energy that we all have. You are in synergy between being aware of your emotions & being nurturing as well as taking action & making decisions. Use this time to set yourself up for the best possible outcome since you have an advantage at this time.

Shop the fancy crystal ball & fancy stand . This beautiful crystal ball made of selenite will keep your space clear & cleansed of negative energy. When practicing tapping into your intuitive gifts you can use the crystal ball as a focal point for your meditation. Tip! The traditional image of fortune tellers you may recall of futures appearing in the crystal ball is simply a metaphor. The whole point is to focus the meditation on the ball to clear the mind’s eye of distraction so information could present itself to the fortune teller in their third eye through visuals, feelings, or sounds even. How do you receive your psychic wisdom? Try it out with the crystal ball meditation & record what comes up in a journal without judgement. Whatever comes through is what is needed to.

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