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There are two types of people in this world: those who wear glitter eye makeup & those who don’t. No matter which camp you’re in, we’ve found a quick, sophisticated and restrained way to wear a glitter eye that works for everyone. The end result is subtle and brings a glow to the eyes, which are *allegedly* the window to the soul.



  • Prime your eyelids with a primer specifically made for eyes. We’re kind of militant about this one, if you’re looking for a recommendation.

  • Apply a base eyeshadow color over the eye that is either matte or satin in finish. The base color can be complementary to the glitter shadow you’ve chosen or tonal in color story. Say what?

  • A complimentary color pairing might be a base shadow in a pale lavender and a olive glitter shadow.

  • A tonal color pairing might be a base shadow in a pale pink and a rose glitter shadow.

  • Apply a glitter eye shadow, a glitter liner or loose glitter over the top of the base eye shadow.

  • Finish makeup and spritz with your go-to makeup setting spray.

      PRO TIPS:

      1. Pressed glitter eyeshadows are best applied with your ring finger. Why? Well, this may be TMI but the oil on your fingertip helps the pigment adhere to your eyelid and minimizes fallout. It also concentrates the glitter on the eye for major sparkle, whereas a brush will blend and disperse glitter, making it more subtle in appearance.

      2. Loose glitter is messy - there is really no way around it. There are two solutions: spritz your brush with a setting spray before dipping into a glitter and pat it on your eyelid, or use a glitter primer like Too Faced Glitter Glue before applying the glitter, which can be pressed onto the eyelid with your finger or using a brush.

      3. Do your eye makeup FIRST! This allows you to make a glittery mess without ruining your Michelangelo-level makeup application.

      4. There is no age in which glitter is unacceptable (this is a life tip, as well).

      5. Some of our favorite glitter eye goods:

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