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Alex Giori
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So you purchased your first (or second.. or fifth) Sunday Forever candle, but you feel like your bedroom could use one more. No judgment - we've been there before too, and we know the feeling of wanting to break away from the tried and true. Luckily, we spend enough time packing (and sniffing) our candle inventory that we feel pretty comfortable calling ourselves experts on the Sunday Forever candle selection. 

Each of our candles were created with a story in mind. All the scents were carefully selected to convey something we were feeling at the time of making, so by now there's something to match many different moods. However, if you're looking to set a certain scene with your candle burning and you find yourself thinking, "a single candle simply can't be enough to express all these feelings" - we got you. 

We put together the list down below of some of our fav candle combinations (some unexpected, some maybe not) that are sure to cover all your bases. 

  1. Kittyrose + Green
    • Picture an old Victorian house with a greenhouse in the backyard. Walk through those doors and it's filled wall to wall with roses. That's what burning Kittyrose and Green is like. As we've talked about in the past, Kittyrose isn't your average flowery rose scent. It's rough, with notes of white pepper, which lend itself beautifully to Green, our newest candle. Together, they're the last rose from your favorite Bachelor contestant - fresh and crisp, but a little sexy too. 

      Image by Sunday Forever

  2. 11:11 + Hotel Sunday
    • My personal favorite of the bunch. Apparently fig, pink pepper, and cherry musk just go really well together. I've never actually been on a hotel balcony overlooking the streets of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the distance, but I am 99% sure this is what it would smell like. Chic and sparkly, if you're missing European travels like I am, this is the combo for you.
  3. Morning + Puff
    • Puff and Morning are reminiscent of a morning of spring cleaning - the good part, once it's all done and your house is a spotless sanctuary. The freshness of Morning and the powdery, soapy sweetness of Puff will make you feel like you did a deep clean of your apartment, even if all you did was pick your dirty laundry up off the floor.
  4. Teddybare + Rich
    • These two are the ultimate combination of soft and rough. The scents in Teddybare, like juniper and bergamot, that are soft on the nose are balanced out by the smoky notes in Rich. If Teddybare is the hug, Rich is the handsome, rugged, wealthy boyfriend to wrap your arms around. 

      Image by Sunday Forever

  5. Tanlines + Coconut
    • Maybe the most obvious combination here, but Tanlines and Coconut go together like PTO and a day time marg. While we love Coconut any time of year, the warmth and sweetness really compliment a summer day, the same kind of day that inspired Tanlines. Burning both at the same time will instantly transport you to a tropical island where. Throw on one of our classic robes at the same time and not even a 3pm Zoom meeting can't disrupt your peace.

You can find all of the candles above on our website, as well as tons of other goodies to suit all of your moods and feelings.

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