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I’ve been taking my sleep regime to the next level, which is simply code for, I’ve been sleeping in late, a lot. I shower at night and this allows me to use the Snooze button liberally. Ordinarily, doing my skincare and makeup routine is my favorite part of The Day but because it’s not acceptable to walk into work at 11AM, flawless face or not, I’ve had to pare down my…method. Let me tell you, through some trial and error, I’ve created a 5-minute make-up routine that works every time. SO PUT ON your skincare (and SPF) and get ready to go.


Dampening a Beauty Blender and patting on foundation takes a while when done correctly. So, I skip it and dot a creamy concealer under my eyes, around my nose and on any redness or blemishes I want to hide. I then blend with my fingers, which warms the formula and helps blend the product in mere seconds. Looking for a perfect creamy concealer? I would not leave you hanging. Drugstore: L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Concealer. High-end: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.


Bronzer is the quickest way to look healthy and awake. Make application even quicker with the MILK MAKEUP Matte Bronzer. Just a few swipes on cheeks, across the bridge of the nose, around the hairline and down the neck and blend, blend, blend. The formulation is pigmented but isn’t overkill and the matte texture means you won’t have to worry about a bronzy, glitter-face. The best part is it’s so easy to blend (allegedly) due to the brand’s Milk Melt Technology WHICH allows the formula to instantly absorb into skin. Whatever it is, it’s magic and this stick lasts FOREVER.


Have you sensed we love cream products yet? It’s because they’re so easy to apply and make it look like you’re glowing from within (which you are!). We’ve been a fan of this one (and still are) but let’s switch it up and talk about Glossier’s Cloud Paint. Combined, the Sunday Forever team has them in EVERY shade, but I favor Beam, a soft peach that goes with any and every makeup look from a smoky, brown eye to a bold red lip. Again, no brushes or sponges necessary. I also dot Cloud Paint in Haze on my lips, let it dry and throw on some lip balm. Cloud Paint is a dreamy name but let’s face it, theY are really the adult-version of finger paints.


Crunched for time means almost no eye makeup. I may swish a neutral taupe shadow across the lid but the only thing I must always do is curl my eyelashes. With the right eye lash curler, lashes will hold their shape all day and you can opt to skip the mascara. I recommend the Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler, which is worth every last penny. Besides sunblock, it’s my Desert Island beauty pick - take that in for a moment and then add to cart. If you HAVE an extra 60 seconds to spare (and want to look polished while also making your lashes look fullER), allow me to introduce to you the liquid eyeliner that has changed my eye makeup game. The Eye Opening Liner is made by a Japanese brand, UZ, and the brush APPLICATOR is next-level amazing. It’s hand-crafted and is meant to be firm, flexible and soft all at once. It is. This liner also allows me to be precise with my wing, which is key for those of us with hooded eyes. And, the formula DOES. NOT. BUDGE. Promise. I had a majorly cathartic crying session a few weeks back and when I looked in the mirror A makeup-less, blotchy face Peered back at me but my brown winged eye liner WAS still going strong.


Some people just don’t like applying FACE makeup with their fingers. We get it - it’s a preference. So, what do you do if you want a 5-minute face but the thought of a sponge and 4 different brushes literally exhausts you? The Real Techniques Setting Brush is the Jane-of-All-Trades brush. It blends concealer, bronzer, blush and even works, in a pinch, for that aforementioned swoosh of taupe eye shadow. Just DUST it off in-between products and you’ll see this is the best $8 you have spent in a while.


We will keep this short and sweet. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is A fast way to hydrate your lips while infusing a rush of color! There are 13 shades and one balm, plus they all have sun protection. It’s the antithesis of the fussy and drying liquid lip and it’s perfect for those last 10 seconds of your 5-minute (ahem, 8-minute) face.

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